31 hysterical (and jaw-dropping) dad texts you have to see

I dare you not to laugh.

31 hysterical (and jaw-dropping) dad texts you have to see

I dare you not to laugh.
  • 1. Uhhh ...

  • #dadtexts @mikearmstrong904

    A photo posted by saralynnr87 (@saralynnr87) on

  • 2. So bad yet so good

  • @andreamorgan_ @_caitlinscoobsely #dadtexts

    A photo posted by kasey thomas (@kasthom) on

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  • 3. Tire flyer? Enough said

  • 4. Virtual flowers for the win

  • Lol my dad tho gotta love him #dadtexts #sweet #cute #dad #goodmorningtext

    A photo posted by Bri Bae (@brii2467) on

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  • 5. Don't mess with your dad's wife

  • 6. Hashtag

  • #whendadtests #putdownthephone #icantstoplaughing #dadtext

    A photo posted by alliekellett (@alliekellett) on

  • 7. Thank goodness he keeps you updated on current events

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  • 8. Always up with current technology

  • When your dad asks for a floppy disk.... ?? #dadtexts

    A photo posted by @kristen.toy on

  • 9. Sometimes we just have to be patient

  • Welcome to 2014, dad! #dadsfirsttext. #parentsfirsttex.

    A photo posted by Dave Conklin (@davidalanco) on

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  • 10. Just checking ...

  • Dad knows best haha #dadtexts

    A photo posted by @harlofit on

  • 11. I MA PLAYA

  • #Dadtexts

    A photo posted by SS Chicago (@scrimshawz) on

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  • 12. Welcome to Facebook!

  • 13. Meet Emoji Man

  • He's emoji man! #emojis #dadtexts #judgededdeh

    A photo posted by Alex Deddeh (@alexdeddeh) on

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  • 14. He's the best at informing you of tragic news

  • 15. The tragedy continues

  • #SAVAGE ?

    A photo posted by @princessayssa on

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  • 16. "I want to be like Kanye." - Daughter

  • This just in. #dadtexts #secretmillionaire @whiteirshangel

    A photo posted by Breanna Duffy (@sugarlandrae) on

  • 17. Nothing like a little encouragement from Dad

  • #dads #princess #ihatespiders #dadtexts #funnytext #funnydadtexts #spidersmustdie #nevertoooldforyourdad

    A photo posted by Handmade Custom Creations (@lady_and_the_thread) on

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  • 18. Teach me your hipster street slang

  • Texts from my dad are always amusing ? #dadtexts #watchmewhip #stankyleg

    A photo posted by Kristen Baldwin (@goldengirl0907) on

  • 19. Experimenting and stuff

  • I love my life. What a guy. #dadtexts

    A photo posted by radicalamnesia (@radicalamnesia) on

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  • 20. Word

  • #dadtexts

    A photo posted by Ryan Judge (@ryanwjudge) on

  • 21. When your dad comes up with his own jokes ...

  • 22. You were born to be a nerd. Live up to your potential

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  • 23. In a meeting?

  • Okay dad... ??

    A photo posted by Smile Yo! (@funnytextcollection) on

  • 24. Protective or nah?

  • Sooo clingy. ? #DadTexts

    A photo posted by @jillqberry on

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  • 25. Dad still blissfully ignorant. #popculturefail

  • 26. Pandy senses strong

  • Return of the Christmas Panda #dadtextsarethebest

    A photo posted by Ashley (@infertile_unicorn) on

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  • 27. "I'll call to discuss." (Please don't!)

  • #dadtexts

    A photo posted by Kate O. James (@kojames6) on

  • 28. More where this came from

  • Send them all to me. #dadtexts

    A photo posted by @jdlongbrake on

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  • 29. Always concerned

  • #dadtexts

    A photo posted by poepsi (@poepsi) on

  • 30. He think's he is funny

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  • 31. Only rent the high class rental cat

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