5 ways to develop a timeless relationship

5 ways to create the "I can’t help falling in love with you" kind of love.

5 ways to develop a timeless relationship

5 ways to create the "I can’t help falling in love with you" kind of love.
  • There is a romantic and sentimental plea that seduces people to desire old-fashioned love commonly displayed on the movie screen. The love that takes your breath away, excites every nerve in your body and drives you to do unimaginable things. The kind of love that makes you question why you doubted its existence in the first place.

  • Old-fashioned love sparks the individual to commit little and significant acts of love such as: walking their girlfriend home, writing a love letter, sincerely listening to their partner about their day and needs, and placing a boom-box on their shoulder while standing outside their window singing their favorite song.

  • We are all searching for this undying love or ways to create this undying love in our current relationships. Implementing small timeless gestures that reaffirm you are committed and in-tune with love will help strengthen and fortify your current relationship.

  • Below are a few ways to remind your better half you still believe in that little thing called love:

  • 1. Walk around the park

  • One special way to combat the disconnect between screen communication and personal communication is to take a simple walk around the park together. Hold hands, tease each other or jump on each other's backs. Take the time to be physically and emotionally present for your significant other. Talk about your day, each other's futures, what you had for lunch or what makes each of you happy. Discussing even the smallest things together in person as you go for a walk will help you create deep and meaningful connections with each other.

  • The excessive use of screens and technology has reduced the compassionate and interpersonal drive for humans to make solid connections together in the flesh. Fight the urge to talk on the phone out of ease- instead get up and get out together. Talking about each other's lives in person helps you listen and connect on a deeper level.

  • 2. Write a love letter

  • Pondering and articulating your feelings towards one another through written verse is a romantic display of affection and devotion unmatched by modern day communication. Love letters have long been the archetype of displaying passionate and consuming love, promoting the ultimate marriage of vulnerability and validation. When you offer your unique words in your own handwriting to another individual you are offering a timeless display of affection they can have and hold forever.

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  • 3. Watch the sunset together every night

  • Take the time to prioritize sitting on your front porch or your favorite lookout together to admire the sun setting the sky on fire as it falls below the horizon every night.

  • Setting aside a specific activity you do together will create a tradition or daily connection you can look forward to everyday. It supplies a setting that invites vulnerability and daily 'me and you' time. It promotes the creation of traditions that last a lifetime, and ones that help create and sustain your timeless relationship.

  • 4. Hold hands in the car

  • When you hold your significant other's hand there is a strong hidden connection that is not visible to the eye. Each little tap, squeeze or nudge sends an unspoken message directly to that individual. It is a unique way to connect physically and emotionally. Any time you are sitting in a car or road tripping, holding each other's hands provides a setting to connect without verbally communicating, thus strengthening the pull the two of you share for each other.

  • 5. Walk her home

  • After taking a girl on a date, go the extra mile and walk her to her doorstep. This action creates the sense of protection, safety and concern. There is a timeless feel connected with the knowledge that someone cares you make it home safe, even if it is only walking you from his car to your door. The notion of protection is charming and romantic.

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.

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