How to remind your independent girlfriend it's OK for her to need you

Can you tell your independent girlfriend it’s OK to be needy?

How to remind your independent girlfriend it's OK for her to need you

Can you tell your independent girlfriend it’s OK to be needy?
  • When a man loves a woman he will do anything for her, not because he feels like he needs to but because he wants to. Men love to feel like they are needed to be the provider and the protector in a relationship.

  • So what happens when you date an independent woman who loves to do everything for herself? One who paves her own way, doesn't need your shoulder to cry on and one who can face her own problems head on. How then do you remind her it's OK for her to give up the reigns sometime and allow herself to be taken care of?

  • Here are three ways to tell your girlfriend it is OK to let her wall down and need you:

  • Give and take

  • Men who desire to build a strong and fortifying relationship center their efforts on the value of equality and respect, give and take. This concept is best kept when both parties respect and value the others opinions and really listen to what the other is saying.

  • If you find your independent girlfriend is constantly expressing her point of view, and you can't get a word in without her opinion trumping your own thoughts, do not be afraid to confront the situation and voice your own opinion. Let her know you have things to contribute or give to the relationship as well.

  • Together your ability to share and express thoughts will help create deep and meaningful conversations that will allow you to grow closer together.

  • Do not be passive

  • It is both admirable and terrifying to interact with a woman who knows what they want and how they want it. Strong woman in a relationship rule the roost and often will make the serious decisions when it comes time.

  • But just because she is a hardworking decision maker from 9-5, Monday through Friday, doesn't mean your woman wouldn't appreciate you being "the man" sometimes. Take the time to plan a date for her and let her know that even though she makes the decisions more times than not, you are capable of making decisions that are good and effective all the same.

  • Do not let your girl run the show 24/7 and you only hang out backstage. Take the reins and help direct the show, and your independent woman will fall for your ability to take action.

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  • Unwavering support

  • Remind her you are there for her every day and are willing to drop everything to help her with whatever she may need. Independent women often find a sense of joy and excitement knowing they do not fill the damsel in distress role. The idea of saving themselves is appealing and effective.

  • Remind her that your support is not a condescending notion or play at her incompetence. Rather it is quite the opposite, you are sure she can do hard things on her own but are willing to help her and make things easier for her.

Hannah Rose is a content writer for Deseret Digital Media. She loves to run, sing and dance in her spare time.

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