5 simple exercises even exhausted moms can do

Too tired to exercise? These 5 simple exercises will make it easier to stay active, even if you're exhausted.

5 simple exercises even exhausted moms can do

Too tired to exercise? These 5 simple exercises will make it easier to stay active, even if you're exhausted.
  • Being a mother is wonderful, but it's also exhausting. Between diaper changes, feeding, rocking, doing laundry, cooking dinner and cleaning a house, sometimes it's hard to find a little bit of time for exercise.

  • Often, moms are just too tired to even think about adding an exercise routine into their day. There are, however, some simple exercises that can be done, even when you're really busy. For exhausted moms, the best exercises are those that involve the baby — you get active and give the little one some individual attention at the same time. Here are five exercises that even exhausted moms can do:

  • 1. Squat with baby

  • Stand with feet hip-width to shoulder-width apart, holding your baby safely in your arms. Your baby should have his or her legs wrapped around you. Pretend to sit in an imaginary chair, ensuring that your knees stay behind your toes and that your back stays straight. Making funny sounds usually delights the little one. Playtime and exercise rolled into one — saving time and keeping you active!

  • 2. Push-up with baby

  • Your baby will love this game. Every time you do the down phase of the push-up, you kiss baby's forehead, complete with sound effects. You tone your arms, get a stronger chest, and spend extra special time with baby. Perfect!

  • 3. Hip Bridge with baby

  • This exercise keeps your hamstrings (back of your thighs) strong, while giving the baby a fun ride. Lie face up on the floor, with your baby sitting across your belly. Lift your hips off the ground as you smile and talk to your baby. Return to the starting position, but lift your hips up again before they make full contact with the floor.

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  • 4. "Swimming" with baby

  • Put baby down on the floor, as you pretend to swim while making funny faces. Ensure your hips stay glued to the ground as you move your arms. This exercise works your upper back.

  • 5. Mountain Climbers with baby

  • Your baby will have lots of fun as you "climb a mountain" (Take turns bringing each knee to your chest and back again while in the above position) and sing or make funny faces for him or her. This one is a full body exercise that also helps you with some conditioning.

  • Doing these five exercises with your baby each day will help you connect with your little one while staying active and strong — even when you're exhausted.

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