7 ways you can be the best Maid of Honor

Being the Maid of Honor is quite an honor. Preparing for your close friends special day right alongside her will bring much joy. But is it all kicks and giggles?

7 ways you can be the best Maid of Honor

Being the Maid of Honor is quite an honor. Preparing for your close friends special day right alongside her will bring much joy. But is it all kicks and giggles?
  • Congratulations! You have been selected to be the Maid of Honor for your best friend's wedding. You can brag to the bridesmaids all you want about being the chosen one,but remember all of the responsibilities that are now on your plate. You must plan the bridal party, bachelorette party, call the caterer, schedule appointments, make reservations, order flowers and whatever else the bride needs. Do you still wish to accept this offer?

  • If so, here are 7 tips to ensure that you succeed as the Maid of Honor:

  • 1. Don't argue with the bride

  • It's not your wedding, it's hers. If she wants her colors to be olive green and pale peach, you need to let those colors shine. Arguing will only take away the excitement that the preparation should bring. You are there to relieve stress, not add to it. With 5+ bridesmaids, a mother, and a soon to be mother-in-law involved in the special day, there are bound to be disagreements. That is why the role of the Maid of Honor is so important and mediating those arguments is just a part of the job.

  • 2. Accept the dress you are given

  • From the decorations on the reception walls, to the color of nail polish the bridesmaids' need, none of those are as concrete as the dress that the bride has asked you to wear. Don't make a scene. Finding the perfect dress for at least 4 different body types is practically impossible. Just remember that it is only 1 night out of over 20,000 you will have.

  • 3. Plan ahead of time

  • As best friend to the bride, you likely have been talking to the bride about her wedding day ever since you had your first sleepover. You know how important it is to her, and you want to do it right. Planning right away is the best way to bring about the best results. Sitting down with her often to discuss what needs to still be done is one way that you can plan ahead.

  • There are too many elements that need to be considered, and it will never feel like you have enough time to do it. Accept that fact and do what you can now to plan the most amazing day of the bride's life.

  • 4. Stay sober

  • Don't be crazy Carrie and jump on stage so wasted you can't even get your words out. That is EXACTLY what the bride needs you to PREVENT from happening. She needs you to interact with the guests, invite people to dance and celebrate, and ultimately run the show. Be the backstage hero, not the embarrassing tragedy.

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  • 5. Address the envelopes

  • Although the preparation can be fun, there are some things that most brides do not want to have to worry about. Addressing the envelopes is number one! Sitting at the table addressing envelopes takes hours and what better way to relieve some stress than to save hours of manual labor?

  • 6. Prepare for the worst

  • What do deodorant, dark chocolate, safety pins, breath mints and fashion tape have in common? They are all things that most brides forget on the day of their wedding. Having an emergency kit filled with all of the necessary, yet likely forgetful items, will save much heartache the day of the wedding. Also, chocolate always seems to calm down the nerves as well.

  • 7. Be physically and emotionally available

  • The best way to make sure that the wedding goes as planned is to be there for it. Not just physically, but emotionally. Wedding jitters are real and they are likely only going to be calmed down through the soft-spoken words of the maid of honor. Be there for her emotionally and you will be remembered as the one who saved the day.

  • Accepting the role of Maid of Honor involves more responsibilities than most people realize. But remember that through all of the long nights, time commitments and tears shed, you are lucky enough to be a part of an amazing day to celebrate the bride - your friend - and her beautiful commitment to be with the love of her life forever.

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