23 little ways to show your husband how much you love him

Take a few extra seconds every day to show him how you really feel.

23 little ways to show your husband how much you love him

Take a few extra seconds every day to show him how you really feel.
  • A building is just a bunch of bricks. The most beautiful beach is still made up of tiny grains of sand. A successful marriage is largely composed of frequent, simple acts of love. Transform your relationship with your husband by trying out these little gestures. Some of these may seem like no-brainers; but how often do you actually do them? Try them out. Here's the list:

    • Don't let him leave for work without a kiss. Wake up early if you have to.

    • Spontaneously hold his hand.

    • When you're holding his hand, give it an occasional squeeze.

    • Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on his food.

    • Write sweet love notes on little pieces of paper. Hide them where he'll find them (like under the car door handle or in his shoes).

    • Go a step further and make him a few of these:

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    • When he makes a joke, look him in the eyes while you laugh.

    • Write him an appreciation/love letter. Put it in your own mailbox.

    • When you go to the store, buy him something small you think he'd like.

    • Put your head on his shoulder.

    • Give him specific, sincere compliments.

    • Take him on a date. You plan it.

    • When you give him a hug, hold on just a little bit longer than usual.

    • Walk out to the car with him when he leaves for work.

    • Give him a quick peck on the cheek for no apparent reason.

    • Suggest you should both watch his favorite movie.

    • Share a blanket.

    • Stick a cute picture of you two on the bathroom mirror. Exchange it for a different one every week.

    • Make him a playlist of songs that represent how you feel about him.

    • Find his tickle spot. Exploit it spontaneously.

    • Be sappy with him in front of the kids (even though the kids will think it's gross).

    • Doodle cute phrases on his hands that his friends will see later.

    • Say "I love you" when he's not expecting it. Yell it, whisper it, sing it, whatever. Just say it.

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