A letter of encouragement for the young wife

You have an important job to do and you must do it well.

A letter of encouragement for the young wife

You have an important job to do and you must do it well.
  • Dear Young Wives,

  • I believe that we have an important job to do.

  • Our society tells us that getting married young is crazy, irresponsible, and inhibiting.

  • But I believe - as I imagine you do too - that marriage is a gift. It's fun and wonderful and challenging and fun. Oh, I already said that.

  • We have a job to do - a job to grab marriage by the horns and do it well.

  • Why?

  • Because people are watching.

  • No, I don't believe that we must be perfect or convincing.

  • Rather, marriage is designed to showcase God's relationship to the church. What if we had a generation of married millennials showcasing God's love, promises, favor, and sacrifice?

  • What if we were able to answer back to society not with frustration for their lack of acceptance, but with a marriage that makes others want to know what is different?

  • This job we have - yeah, it's important.

  • This job has the potential to change minds, to impact hearts, to save souls.

  • It takes married couples willing to stand against the crowd - willing to demonstrate to the world just how life changing this Jesus love is.

  • And when your marriage is thriving because it functions from Jesus love?

  • That's a statement worth making.

  • So how do we take this job seriously? How do we make sure that our marriages are making a statement of Jesus love?

  • Here are 13 ways to be married in this world, but have a marriage totally unlike this world:

  • Be a servant

  • To your spouse, your friends, your church, your family. With a happy heart, a willing hand, and a generous spirit. Be a servant.

  • Know what you believe

  • About marriage, about the Bible, about your faith.

  • Be bold and take a stand

  • Don't back down. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. Sometimes it's in our boldest moments that Jesus shines the brightest.

  • Show emotion

  • Share your heart with other married friends. Never pretend to have it all together. Let your real show.

  • Share your burdens

  • You should never be the only one who knows about your marriage. Find another trusted couple and share your heart, your dreams, your fears, and your struggles. Be honest. Pray together.

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  • Claim Scriptural truth

  • Speak it over your marriage and your future. Hold fast to the truths of the Bible, and remember them when the world tries to sway you.

  • Practice dying to yourself daily

  • And ask God to mold your heart into one of humility in the process.

  • Let others be themselves

  • In other words, give grace. Don't try to change your spouse. Join with them in submitting to Christ's work in their heart.

  • Practice gratitude

  • Give things away. Give money away. Give time away. Be generous together.

  • Think deeply

  • Take the time to ponder the Bible, your faith, your marriage, your purpose.

  • Love others well

  • As a couple and as an individual, choose love constantly.

  • Commit

  • Need I say more?

  • Never settle for stagnant standing

  • Always work toward growth. Be about the change of your own heart. Pray for the heart change of others.

  • Will you join me, young wife? Maybe you've been discouraged by the comments from friends, family, or random grocery store encounters. Maybe you've wondered why you decided to get married young anyway.

  • There's a reason and that reason is important.

  • Your marriage showcases the gospel to the world. What an honor! What a privilege!

  • Marriage truly is a gift - one that keeps on giving as we see the world think about the gospel just a little bit differently.

  • Be about that today. Let your marriage shine - even if you are young!

  • Editor's note: This article was originally published on Life of Scoop. It has been republished here with permission.

Alison is a wife, graduate student, blogger, and Jesus-follower growing in grace and truth daily. She loves coffee in the morning, experimenting in the kitchen, camping with her husband and reading in a hammock just about anywhere. Her blog – Life of Scoop – exists to encourage bold authenticity rooted in grace.


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