7 things great wives do differently

Are you a great wife or simply a good wife? Read this to find out.

7 things great wives do differently

Are you a great wife or simply a good wife? Read this to find out.
  • Do great wives do things differently than regular wives?

  • Absolutely.

  • But what makes a great wife probably isn't what you think it is. When a good guy looks for a woman to marry and spend his life with, he doesn't focus on hair color, dress size or how "hot" she is. He looks for specific traits that make up the best companions.

  • Here are seven specific things great wives do differently.

  • 1. Exude patience

  • Patience: something most of us don't have but always wish we had more of.

  • Great wives literally exude patience. For us husbands, we are sincerely grateful when our companions are patient with us, especially when we make dumb mistakes. Without patience in a relationship, frustrations and arguments easily arise.

  • 2. Love unconditionally

  • Some wives only love their husbands if they do the right things, buy the right presents, take them to the right places and dress the right way.

  • Great wives look beyond the shortcomings of their husbands and love them no matter what. Dedicated companions constantly create harmony and extend love. Their love abounds in every aspect of their lives.

  • 3. Stay loyal

  • Great wives don't cheat.

  • Their eyes and feelings are specifically and forever riveted on their husbands, and they expect their husbands to be the same. They do everything in their power to bind and enhance their marriages. Power and consistency of the relationship is premiere.

  • 4. Forgive often

  • Face it, husbands, we are knuckleheads and do knucklehead things. We're forgetful. We're careless. We muddy and clutter up the house. We don't listen as well as we should. We don't pay enough attention to our wives. And we do some terribly inconsiderate things.

  • But great wives shake their heads and love us the way we are. Of course, we need to be better. And great wives won't put up with abusive or unacceptable behavior. But for the minor weaknesses and challenges, great wives get us, help us to become better and love us anyway.

  • 5. Serve selflessly

  • Great wives serve selflessly, no matter the time, place or situation. They continuously watch out for those they love. They think about their children. They love to talk to their mothers. They are thoughtful to their husbands.

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  • Creating loving environments by serving selflessly and watching out for people makes others feel special, safe and secure.

  • 6. Find independence

  • Great wives are their own persons.

  • They know who they are and don't have to have a husband to be identifiable. They possess extraordinary traits and characteristics and shine wherever they go and whatever they do. Independent women are comfortable in their surroundings.

  • 7. Keep balanced

  • Great wives balance intelligence with emotions. Most people swing way too much one way or the other, causing both frustration and emotional chaos.

  • When a person can look at any situation, size it up and then utilize a combination of intellect and emotion to solve the issue, balance and stability occur.

  • To my fellow guys out there, search out women with these characteristics.

  • To girls and women who want to be great wives, adopt these characteristics.

  • It's one thing to be a good wife; it's another to be a great wife. Great wives just do things differently.

Darrel Hammon likes being outdoors, growing things and seeing things the way they could be. You can read more of his musings at He and his wife worked as welfare volunteers in the Caribbean.


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