14 parenting tweets you know you can relate to

Don't deny it.

14 parenting tweets you know you can relate to

Don't deny it.
  • There are just some things you can never fully understand unless you are a parent.

  • 1. PJs are acceptable outer wear any time — don't judge

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  • 2. Your interior decorating is sometimes tasty

  • 3. Kids' naptime is parents' snack time

  • Munchies! #girlsnightin #pizza #fries #cheesygarlicbread #jonnydepp #sweenytodd #movies #junkfoodinbed

    A photo posted by Jes Talbot (@jestalbot) on

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  • 4. Play date is another word for momentary freedom

  • 5. You never thought you'd hear yourself say that

  • never let a 4 year watch cartoons that involve plungers #ROFLMFAO #cute #kidsandplungers

    A photo posted by Breanne Campbell (@awwbre87) on

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  • 6. Or this

  • 7. You say "no" more times than you can count, and then ..

  • 8. There's lots of food in your house, but of course, none of it is toddler-worthy

  • 9. You're missing dishes — until you clean out your kid's bedroom

  • Time to purge the boy child's closet. #messyroom #makesmecrazy

    A photo posted by gingerbreadmama (@gingerbreadmama) on

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  • 10. Mom-ster

  • 11. You have to explain micro-fashion to defend your parenting

  • 12. You wonder if you really even need a house because you spend your days as a chauffeur

  • 13. You think you can solve the problem with more organization

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  • 14. You find that you enjoy time in cramped, dark spaces

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  • How many of these crazy (read: completely normal) things do you do? What would you add to this list?

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