5 busy morning beauty tips you need to know

The bare necessities every busy woman should utilize.

5 busy morning beauty tips you need to know

The bare necessities every busy woman should utilize.
  • Some mornings getting ready is the last thing on your mind, getting out of the door is hard enough. These tips are easy to implement into your daily routine and will make you look less frazzled than you feel.

  • Cold water rinse

  • Sleepless nights from baby duty can lead to tired, puffy eyes in the morning. Shrink capillaries and stimulate drainage by splashing your face with cold water when rinsing your face wash off.

  • Quick makeup fix

  • Streamline your makeup routine. For a fresh, natural look in less than 4 minutes, moisturize with tinted moisturizer with SPF after washing your face. Swipe on bronzer below your cheekbones, at your temples and along your nose for a sun-kissed glow. Finish with a quick swipe of mascara and tinted lip balm and you're ready to go!

  • Your makeup necessity

  • If you have time for only one product, reach for your red lipstick. You'll look instantly polished with one quick application.

  • An outfit timesaver

  • Set out multiple wardrobe options at the start of the week. Each weekday, pick the style you like most for that day. You'll save time not selecting clothes each day and will look pulled together no matter what the morning throws at you!

  • A busy woman's best friend

  • No time to shower? Restyle hair by applying Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo to roots. Work lightly into hair with your fingers. Volcanic Ash absorbs oil and odor, leaving hair clean and full of body, while keeping moisture in place.

  • You deserve to feel good about how you look, even when life gets hectic.

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