51 distinct ideas for celebrating the Sabbath

The Lord's day doesn't have to be boring.

51 distinct ideas for celebrating the Sabbath

The Lord's day doesn't have to be boring.
  • God wants us to keep the Sabbath, and according to a recent study by Deseret News National, the majority of Americans believe it's important as well. In the survey, 62 percent of people agree it's important for society to have one day a week set aside for spiritual rest.

  • Sometimes it's hard to think of activities that help us focus on God. Here are 51 simple ideas for a more worshipful Sabbath.

    1. Write a poem.

    2. Post an inspiring quote on social media.

    3. Visit your neighbor.

    4. Make matching family sweatshirts together.

    5. Take awkward family photos (possibly in the sweatshirts you just made).

    6. Talk about the refugee crisis or another current event problem as a family and make a plan of how you can help.

    7. Write a letter to someone you love and snail mail it to them.

    8. Sit on a bench in a public place and talk to whomever comes by.

    9. Paint a picture of nature, even if you're terrible at it.

    10. Meditate.

    11. Follow a spiritual Instagram account and read through the inspirational quotes.

    12. Write about important times when you felt God's love in your life.

    13. Visit a faith different than your own and learn what the people believe.

    14. Attend church.

    15. Sit and listen to classical or spiritual music.

    16. Go for a walk with your family.

    17. Make dinner for a family living near you just because.

    18. Write notes of encouragement to each person in your family.

    19. Pray for 15 minutes and tell God everything about your day.

    20. Make a list of 100 things you're grateful for.

    21. Call your grandparents or another elderly person you love.

    22. Read the Bible, or your sacred text, and write down your thoughts as you read.

    23. Pick one thing you want to do better the coming week, write it on a post-it note and stick it somewhere you'll see it every day.

    24. Take a small hike with your family and focus on what God created.

    25. Plan out how you'll fit God into your day for each day the coming week.

    26. Make cookies and deliver them.

    27. Visit an assisted living home and chat with the residents who have no family.

    28. Go for a drive as a family.

    29. Put electronic devices away for the day and just talk.

    30. Eat dinner together.

    31. Organize your room.

    32. Text five people and tell them why you're glad they are in your life.

    33. Watch a documentary as a family.

    34. Have a Skype party with your family.

    35. Volunteer for a cause and use Sunday as your day to serve.

    36. Prep healthy meals for the week.

    37. Do all your shopping the day before so you can stay in.

    38. Sing songs with your family and laugh about how off-tune you are.

    39. Go for a picnic - indoor or outdoor.

    40. Tell your spouse you love them.

    41. Ask your family these questions.

    42. Make three goals for the month.

    43. Play a board game with your family. (When was the last time you did that?)

    44. Download a free language app (I like Duolingo) and start learning another language.

    45. Watch old home videos.

    46. Write a thank you note.

    47. Look through the obituaries in the newspaper and send a kind gift to one of the families that lost someone.

    48. Tell your family stories from your childhood.

    49. Visit a cemetery, pick a name and do a Google search to learn all you can about that person's life.

    50. Memorize a verse of sacred text.

    51. Write in a journal about your high and low of the week.

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