10 love texts your husband needs you to send him

If you want your man to feel amazing, send him one of these texts right now.

10 love texts your husband needs you to send him

If you want your man to feel amazing, send him one of these texts right now.
  • 1. Flirt like a teenager

  • Even though your relationship with your husband is mature, it doesn't mean you always have to act like it. Tell that boy you have a crush on him!

  • 2. Ask advice

  • Your husband needs to feel needed and part of your life even when you're not together. Don't hesitate to ask for his input throughout the day.

  • 3. Ask him on a date

  • There's no way your man won't feel like a million bucks if you plan a special night for the two of you and ask if you can take him out.

  • 4. Make him feel like a man

  • Men like to feel like men so help him feel that way by playing to his manliness.

  • 5. Send a memory

  • A wonderful part of marriage is having so many shared memories. Take him on a stroll down memory lane by sending him a message from the past.

  • 6. Compliment him

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  • Everyone likes to hear what's great about them and since you're married you know a whole bunch of his great attributes. Try texting him a list of some of his great qualities.

  • 7. Say thank you

  • It's easy to forget to say "thanks" for small, expected things. Make sure your husband knows you don't take him for granted by texting him a thank you note.

  • 8. The post-date-text

  • The post-date-text is what people send after a date to thank someone for asking them out and help them know that they'd be happy to go out again. Just because you're married, doesn't mean you need to skip out on the chance to let your husband know either of those things.

  • 9. Sing a song

  • Maybe the two of you have a special song or maybe one is stuck in your head. Either way, it can't hurt to just text him some song lyrics - it's the modern day equivalent of sending a poem.

  • 10. Say, "I love you."

  • A simple, "I love you," can be the best text of all.

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