5 types of men who make great second husbands

Not every man makes a great first husband. But these 5 guys could have the right stuff the second time around.

5 types of men who make great second husbands

Not every man makes a great first husband. But these 5 guys could have the right stuff the second time around.
  • First marriages can be tough, especially when both people are young. Transitioning from the single life to forever after comes with challenges many are not properly prepared for. And when big sacrifices are staring a young married man in the face, there are often life changes he is not willing to make. But give them some time and you'll find there are certain types of guys who get better as they age, and can actually make greater partners further down the line.

  • Here are 5 types of guys who may flounder the first time around, but could potentially make great second husbands:

  • 1. The falling star

  • Stardom can be kryptonite to monogamy, or any healthy relationship. The rich and famous are in high demand and often have to work less to get more. A man in particular can become "spoilt for choice" when beautiful women are constantly throwing themselves at him. Why should he settle down and choose one when he can have them all? And why should he work at being a good partner when he can move on to someone who complains less? Or simply needs less?

  • But in the end seasons change, candles flicker, and stars fall. A man who finds himself sinking to the bottom of the heap has less choice and more responsibility. He can learn to have more appreciation for a good woman who loves him for who he is, and not what he has. Once he has good control of his ego, a falling star could be a prince charming in hiding. Give this one a second try.

  • 2. The entrepreneur

  • In his early years, an entrepreneurial man will inevitably be married to the job. Some men can juggle the demands of starting and running a successful business and the demands of his household. But more likely than not, his company will get the time and attention his wife doesn't. After he has built his babies and watched them mature, the entrepreneur will have the time and desire to slow and settle down with a wife and best friend. Pick this one and you could enjoy the spoils of his former hard work instead of suffer for them.

  • 3. The leader

  • Men in charge tend to take their commanding work roles home at the end of the day. A first marriage may suffer when an alpha male becomes too demanding, controlling or insensitive to his wife's needs. But as a leader matures and grows into a more guiding style of leadership toward mid-life, a second marriage could prove rock solid. The organization and wisdom will be appreciated, and the regulation and control will wither away.

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  • 4. The rolling stone

  • Some men are just not ready to settle in any capacity until later in life. There are waves to catch, cities to explore and a whole globe to travel. Eventually the rolling stone will have seen the sites and bright lights, and through experience come to know himself and the world. And when it gets just a bit smaller from having seen it, he'll finally come looking for a place to lay his head. And you could be his soft shoulder if you're willing to wait until round two.

  • 5. The practical romancer

  • Unlike the former types, the practical romancer actually makes a good partner, but doesn't fuss over the little things that makes a woman swoon in her younger years. This guy may have to wait until we mature enough to see the value in a full savings account, good credit, working appliances and a fuel-efficient vehicle. He may not buy flowers and chocolate, but he makes you breakfast in bed. He doesn't remember birthdays or anniversaries, but he didn't hesitate to commit his life to you. He's there for you 100%, and that's what matters. Give this guy a second go.

  • Good men are not always hard to find. They sometimes just need extra time to catch up.

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