5 ways to make Bible study enjoyable

Fitting in time to study the word can be difficult. But by doing these 5 things, that won't be the case.

5 ways to make Bible study enjoyable

Fitting in time to study the word can be difficult. But by doing these 5 things, that won't be the case.
  • I'd like to think of myself as someone who is self-disciplined; but like a lot of you, I often find myself at the end of a busy, exhausting day with no motivation to do anything other than Netflix.

  • I get it. But no matter what religion we are or what church we attend, we can all agree that reading Bible verses is a necessity in these hectic, crazy lives we lead. Bible study, even if just for a few minutes, can completely re-shape our perspectives, give us strength for the hard times and speak comfort to our worried hearts. Here are five things we can do each time we sit down with our Bible to make the time more enjoyable and to be open to what the Lord wants us to learn.

  • Focus on only a few verses at a time

  • This can help quite a bit. Many people are more concerned with how many chapters or books of the Bible they can get through, while missing out on some messages that might be exactly what they need at that exact moment. Ease yourself into routine study by reading a couple of verses each night, pondering the message, taking little notes and applying it to your life. You will be surprised how just a few minutes of reading God's word will impact you for the better. You will also learn so much more by slowing down to really study.

  • Read the footnotes and cross-study

  • There's something really exciting about cross-studying verses and reading the footnotes. While so many verses can seem like riddles that will never be solved, looking at the footnotes and reading other verses that coincide can really add value to your study.

  • Keep a study journal

  • Write down impressions, ideas, thoughts or things that you've learned. This can simply be a few things that you got out of what you read that night. Sooner or later your study journal will be something you can go back to for reference or for comfort or help in times of need. By keeping a journal you might be able to give yourself some worthy advice down the road.

  • Discuss what you read with your spouse or a friend

  • It doesn't have to be a formal Bible study, but talking about what you've read or learned can help to solidify what you got out of your study. It can also make reading a time to bond with those you love and to learn from each other.

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  • Listen to spiritual music while you read

  • Not everyone can have noise while they read, but for those of you who can, listening to spiritual, uplifting music or hymns while you study can really enhance the experience and make it enjoyable. This can also serve to keep your eyes open and your mind attentive. Some people have even said that listening to music helps them to remember verses better.

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