22 texts that’ll make your wife swoon

Texting has become ubiquitous! Most are comprised of simple phrases that scream "meaningless." There are 22 texts, though, that will make your wives swoon and keep you connected.

22 texts that’ll make your wife swoon

Texting has become ubiquitous! Most are comprised of simple phrases that scream "meaningless." There are 22 texts, though, that will make your wives swoon and keep you connected.
  • Recently, several wives were asked one question: "If you were to receive a text from your husband that would make you swoon, what would it be?" The wives ranged from newlyweds to wives married over forty years. They also came from a diverse background, from the United States to Africa to Brazil. The one commonality was this: "We don't necessarily think texts will swoon us. Instead, we would rather have specific, simple things sent via text."

  • So, husbands, listen up to a mere 21 texts wives would like to receive.

  • 1. I'm thinking of you

  • Wives love to be in your thoughts always, especially between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Granted, husbands can be busy, but so can wives. Be thoughtful!

  • 2. How's your day?

  • While this may seem a trite phrase, it is an important one. Wives really want you to ask about their day and then listen.

  • 3. I love you!

  • All of the wives mentioned this phrase because saying it will never, ever become old or out-of-date.

  • 4. How are you, gorgeous (or some rendition of gorgeous)?

  • Women like to be considered gorgeous, even though some of these wives didn't feel like they were.

  • 5. Thank you for a delicious dinner

  • Often, husbands, we take our wives for granted, not thinking how much time and effort she put into dinner, especially after a long day at work herself or being with the children the entire day.

  • 6. You're the best cook

  • While some may not be the best cooks in the world, they do like to be acknowledged for all they do.

  • 7. Call me, Babe

  • (honey, sweetheart, or whatever name you and your wife share)!

  • This doesn't mean she wants to be called "Babe." Rather, the emphasis was on "call me," meaning pick up the phone and actually dial her number. The wives didn't say they wanted a long conversation only a quick "hello" to touch bases with them.

  • 8. Be safe

  • Again, wives wanted their husbands to still feel protective of them.

  • 9. Thanks for folding the clothes

  • The wives also mentioned that husbands could say, "Thank you" for a variety of things. Wives want to be appreciated.

  • 10. Have a good trip

  • Even if she is driving down to Costco to pick up a few things, wish her well in her trip. This means you are thinking of her, no matter where she is going.

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  • 11. Have a good day

  • Wives want to have a good day. When they hear this, they understand you are involved in her day. Then, when you arrive home, be sure to ask how her day went and listen attentively.

  • 12. You're so beautiful!

  • Wives are beautiful in so many ways. Be sure to say this phrase often.

  • 13. You're the most beautiful woman in my eyes

  • The wives gave a collective sigh on this phrase when one of the wives said it in a soft, sexy voice. It makes them feel unique and special.

  • 14. Thank you! You made my day

  • And to think she just gave you a kiss or a quick hug on the way out the door. Make her day by telling her about the simple things.

  • 15. Missing you!

  • Wives like to know you are thinking about them.

  • 16. This made me think of you!

  • Along with the phrase, the wives wanted you to post a picture, attach a song, lines from a poem or whatever made you think of them. Be careful, though.

  • 17. You're the sweetest

  • The lines from an old nursery rhyme "What are little girls made of... Sugar and spice and all things nice..." have been attributed to the English artist Robert Southey. So, when you say "you're the sweetest," you are really following great thought patterns originated a few centuries ago.

  • 18. Wanna do lunch?

  • A quick lunch date during the week really resonated with this group of wives. They want to be you.

  • 19. I love your smile.

  • What this means, husbands, is you are being observant and texting positive notes. Good for you!

  • 20. Be home in ten!

  • One of the wives, the newlywed said, "I just wish he would tell me when he would be home." Husbands, if you say "be home in ten," be home in ten or fewer.

  • 21. You're so awesome!

  • Aren't all wives awesome in their own ways? Let them know.

  • 22. You're the best thing to happen to me

  • When one of the wives mentioned this phrase, all of the other wives literally let out a collected "Ahhhhh." That one was the winner. Say it often and then show it when you see her.

  • As one wife, married for almost 37 years, quipped, "Do women really swoon nowadays? Swooning when women wore corsets. Now, we want our husbands to just communicate and whisper the simple things to us like 'I love you' and mean it." Ironically, the women in this group stated they would rather not receive a text. They wanted face-to-face communication.

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  • So, husbands if you want your wives to swoon, good luck, be creative, be attentive, be spontaneous, and be honest! If you want your wives to stay connected with you, communicate with them- preferably one-on-one and often. And, if you cannot, text her.

Darrel Hammon likes being outdoors, growing things and seeing things the way they could be. You can read more of his musings at He and his wife worked as welfare volunteers in the Caribbean.


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