9 things you don't understand once you become a mom

Because things change.

9 things you don't understand once you become a mom

Because things change.
  • If you're a young mother, these things are far from being your area of expertise (anymore, at least!):

  • Staying up until 3 a.m. just because

  • You may very well be staying up late into the night, but it sure isn't for the same reasons you're used to. But luckily, your new idea of late-night fun includes chubby cheeks and the sweetest cuddles you've ever had.

  • Wearing that little black dress all the time

  • Hang that dress in the back of your closet. Saving it for a special night out will make wearing it more exciting anyway. Plus, your idea of beauty has likely changed and is now found in the joys of motherhood. You can wear cute comfy clothes, with or without makeup. You're beautiful.

  • Spending two hours getting ready

  • Face it and embrace it; having lots of time in the bathroom is a thing of the past.

  • Belting out karaoke on a Friday night

  • Karaoke just isn't as appealing as it once was — especially when you can replace it with dance parties in your pjs at home with your new favorite little BFF.

  • Making it a whole day without spilling something

  • It's a mom thing.

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  • Buying a new pair of high heels

  • Because who wants to chase a toddler around in those pointy things? Those adorable flats or boots are more likely calling your name.

  • Hearing silence

  • Hearing silence basically becomes a warning sign now.

  • Carrying anything other than grocery or diaper bags

  • As a young mom, you'll have your hands full — literally.

  • But you can look forward to mastering the term "efficiency" when it comes to shopping trips.

  • How you ever lived without your baby

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  • Young mothers may not remember the wild days of late nights and partying, but they do know hard work, dedication and love.

Jenna Koford is on the content team at FamilyShare. She graduated with a degree in Communications—Journalism and a minor in editing. Jenna enjoys painting and calligraphy, planning a wedding, and Pinterest and Netflix.


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