5 ways graduate school can change your life

What's the next step in your life?

5 ways graduate school can change your life

What's the next step in your life?
  • Big changes are scary, and we face them all the time. Moving to a new location, having another child or figuring out what job is best for you can be hard in this crazy, hectic world we live in. Maybe you're content with your life, but for those who want to push themselves a little further, maybe there are a few more steps you should take that will change your life for the better.

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  • Here are five ways going to graduate school can change your life in the best ways possible:

  • 1. Your resume and interviewing skills will improve

  • The Huffington Post offered 11 tips about graduate school, and one of them told readers to throw resumes away. Well, not really, but the article explained that resumes are not the main point of entry anymore.

  • What really matters is your online portfolio, experiences and even your social media standing. Resumes are still a necessary item to have, but if that's all you have, consider broadening your assets. When you have more websites, projects or samples, you'll appear more experienced and prepared.

  • 2. Your relationships will grow

  • As you meet new people and begin to network, you'll be building much more than future references. Sometimes, the difference between being hired and being skipped over for a job are the personal connections you have made.

  • Your friendships - not just business ones - will grow too. wrote, "The very nature of graduate school makes finding friends who are motivated, focused and mature just that little bit easier; your grad school friends could be the ones you end up sticking to for longest."

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  • 3. You'll be laying foundation for the rest of your life

  • Some think graduate school means taking a few steps back in life, but the opposite is true. By going back for a little bit more work, you'll receive a lot more reward. You can lay the foundation for a new beginning, career or lifestyle. All it takes is one decision and a lot of dedication.

  • 4. You will get even more experience - with everything

  • From stress to studying, hurdles and hard work, you'll be challenged again in new ways than before. Graduate school will make you even more well rounded, more efficient and more knowledgeable. There are just some memories that can only be made in certain places, and grad school is one of them. These challenging experiences are what change us the most - in a great way.

  • 5. You will open new doors to success

  • US News reported that in the 1980s, someone could receive an entry-level job as "an admissions counselor, academic advisor or student services coordinator." But in the 2000s, people applying for these jobs weren't even looked at unless they had a master's degree.

  • The article continued: "While holding a graduate degree is not a guarantee of ultimate success, it certainly opens many more doors for employment."

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