14 signs your best friend is basically your sister

Because, you know -- you just get each other.

14 signs your best friend is basically your sister

Because, you know -- you just get each other.
  • Unfortunately there's no way to prove a bond of friendship, besides doing something crazy like getting matching tattoos that you will end up regretting for many years to come (hint: maybe not the best choice). But even though you can't proclaim the validity of your friendship by signing some kind of official friendship certificate verified by the state, you can know that your bond goes beyond just a casual friendship. Here are some signs you and your best friend have forged a familial bond:

  • 1. When you're together it's like a free license to be crazy in public

  • 2. You make each other feel like the cream of the crop

  • 3. But you are also brutally honest with each other

  • 4. She's always your #womancrushwednesday

  • 5. You can count on her for anything

  • 6. She has your back

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  • 7. You walk into each other's houses without knocking

  • 8. And eat each other's food

  • 9. You are happy (not jealous) about each other's successes

  • 10. You know just what to get each other for every holiday

  • 11. You know every detail of each other's lives

  • 12. And if you don't, it's a big deal

  • 13. You get excited about the same things

  • 14. You know just how to comfort each other

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  • 15. Face it; she's a member of your personal family

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