If you haven’t tried these 9 amazing Easter candies you haven't lived

You need these. Right now.

If you haven’t tried these 9 amazing Easter candies you haven't lived

You need these. Right now.
  • It's safe to say no season brings its candy A game like Easter. Halloween fights hard, Christmas is magical but for different reasons, but Easter? Easter is the king of all deliciousness.

  • If you haven't tried these nine Easter-time-only candies, this year is the time to remedy that. There's no better time to start really living than the present.

  • 1. Cadbury mini eggs

  • The United Kingdom's greatest gift to humanity.

  • My one bag. What holiday candy is your favorite? I have to get one bag of these every year. #eastercandy #cadburyeggs #delicious #nothealthy #moderation

    Posted by Smaller In Texas on Saturday, March 19, 2016
  • 2. Nerds Jelly Beans

  • Nerds and Jelly beans combined. What more can you ask for?

  • The BEST jellybeans, but so hard to find! #nerdsjellybeans #ifyouseethembuythem

    A photo posted by Ann Jandahl (@annjandahl) on

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  • 3. Reeses Eggs

  • These are no ordinary Reeses. Say hello to an amazing amount of peanut butter filling.

  • 4. SweeTarts Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies

  • So much SweeTart in just one bite.

  • 5. Starburst JellyBeans

  • Amen to this tweet:

  • And this one:

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  • 6. Lindt Chocolate Bunnies

  • Getting a giant chocolate bunny is strangely satisfying, and unsurprisingly delectable. The Lindt bunny also won first place over famous brands including Dove and Godiva in a taste testing chocolate bunny competition.

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  • 7. Easter M&Ms

  • M&Ms at all times of the year are delicious, but at Easter time they are also adorable.

  • 8. Cadbury Crème Eggs

  • This gooey centered egg apparently helps PhD students complete their dreams.

  • 9. Peeps

  • Recommended: microwaving for 10 seconds. Not recommended: eating one the size of the picture below.

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  • Trust me, you need all these candies in your life.

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