17 remedies for your boring life

Even if you’re busy, life can feel dull and boring. Spice up your days by trying these ideas! Life is meant to be FUN.

17 remedies for your boring life

Even if you’re busy, life can feel dull and boring. Spice up your days by trying these ideas! Life is meant to be FUN.
  • I get bored with my life A LOT, regardless of how busy I am. Sometimes life just feels monotonous, and I've had to find ways to fill my life with excitement and new experiences.

  • Here are some ideas to try when you're bored with life:

  • 1. Dye your hair

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  • Or cut it. Or style it differently.

  • Sometimes you just get bored with the way you look, so change it! Hair is just hair and can always grow back. I like using do-it-yourself kits or Kool Aid to dye my hair. But I guess you can go to a salon too...

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  • 2. Join a club

  • Book clubs are actually really fun and a great way to make friends (especially old lady friends). Sports clubs are great too. Join something that makes you leave your house and socialize with other people and you won't feel as boring.

  • 3. Do something really hard

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  • Run a marathon, half-marathon, or 5K.

  • Learn a language.

  • Read the longest book you can find.

  • Trust me - choosing a difficult goal to accomplish will make your life a whole lot less boring.

  • 4. Go outside

  • There is one thing that is never dull - nature. So if you're feeling tired of life, go outside, breathe in the fresh air, look up at the sky, and get re-energized and excited about life. This world was not created to be boring.

  • 5. Dance as if no one is watching

  • And then dance when everyone is watching.

  • There's nothing more thrilling than embarrassing yourself.

  • 6. Plan a trip

  • We all need things to look forward to, so plan a fun trip. Go on that vacation that you've always wanted to go on.

  • 7. Learn a new skill

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  • When you're feeling bored with life, invest your time into learning a new skill that will give you something new and exciting to do.

  • In the past I've learned how to sew, how to skateboard, and how to ride a motorcycle. I've taught myself how to play the piano. I bought a camera and learned the basics of photography. And now I have so many more options to do when I'm feeling bored with life.

  • Boredom = time to learn a new skill!

  • 8. Watch YouTube videos

  • Sometimes you just need to laugh at other people's lives, and there are plenty of hilarious videos out there.

  • 9. Explore where you are

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  • Chances are you've never been to some really cool places right where you live.

  • 10. Love harder

  • Throw yourself into loving someone more completely - your husband, your child, your friend, your grandmother. Life isn't boring when you're living for someone else.

  • 11. Do the weirdest thing you can

  • Seriously.

  • One year on my birthday (as an adult) I had a tacky party. Everyone was required to dress tacky. We ate tacky food and had an on-the-spot talent show.

  • Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to be boring and only do 'adult' things.

  • 12. Become a fan

  • Choose a sport, choose a team, and then follow them. Buy a t-shirt and watch every game. Annoy everyone by your fandom.

  • 13. Rearrange the furniture

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  • For some reason this is really exhilarating.

  • 14. Become addicted to a show

  • A show. Only one. Look forward each week to the new episode and geek out talking about it with your friends.

  • 15. School yourself

  • You may be out of school now, but learning never has to stop. When questions arise throughout your day, find answers. Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs? When you put lotion on your hands, where does it go? What is the science behind happiness? Thanks to Google and Wikipedia you can discover just how cool life is.

  • 16. Throw a party

  • Even if there's no occasion to celebrate, throw a party! Choose a theme, invite your friends, and PAR-TY.

  • 17. Switch up your routine

  • Schedule kills spontaneity. Routine is good, but don't get stuck in the monotony of agendas and to-do lists. Life is meant to be fun! Change things up!