26 thoughts only morning haters understand

#notamorningperson and #ihatemornings are your common hashtags.

26 thoughts only morning haters understand

#notamorningperson and #ihatemornings are your common hashtags.
  • Not a morning person? I understand. For almost 7 out of 7 days my first thought in the morning is, "I hate mornings" and, "When can I fit a nap in?" and, "Why? Why morning??"

  • If you too are a morning hater, you'll understand these thoughts perfectly.

  • 1. But really

  • 2. Every day of the week

  • 3. There's a real word for it?

  • 4. Trump has strong feelings about waking up early too.

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  • 5. Your master plan

  • 6. What about Mondays makes it so much worse??

  • 7. 2 hours or 4 ... you'd be happy with either.

  • 8. You have the song memorized and a shirt to boot.

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  • 9. Your typical morning face

  • 10. It's a serious question: Is it worth it?

  • 11. Getting dressed is like

  • 12. First thought every morning

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  • 13. You may be lazy, but you have perfected your planning ahead skills.

  • 14. Small victories mean a lot.

  • 15. At least you tried to be optimistic.

  • 16. College was a game changer when you realized you got to decide when you had to go to class.

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  • 17. Your alarm looks like this.

  • 18. You be like

  • 19. Cinderella feels the same way.

  • 20. They don't have to say it; you're the one feeling the pain.

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  • 21. And everyone else

  • 22. Your goals never seem to change.

  • 23. But at least you progressed a little.

  • 24. You know you aren't the only one who struggles.

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  • 25. You never agreed with Garfield so readily.

  • [sleep]

  • 26. Your kind of exercise in the early morning

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