30 things only short girls understand

And the shorter you are, the more you'll understand.

30 things only short girls understand

And the shorter you are, the more you'll understand.
  • Here's to every short girl who's totally used to those awkward hugs with tall people.

  • 1. Feeling like you owe it to your future children

  • Short girl problem 󾍚🏻 #Shortgirlproblem #Lol #Funshit #Friday #Weekend #Couple #Love #Fitfamdk #Babies #Kids #Girls...

    Posted by Copenhagen Instagram on Friday, January 15, 2016
  • 2. Why do they always put the things I want on the highest shelf?

  • 3. Just finished shopping

  • 4. One reason you need a man

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  • 5. Do you have to take such big steps?

  • 6. Enough said

  • 7. One way to solve the problem

  • 8. They mislabeled the shallow end of the pool

  • 9. Did I really pay for this concert?

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  • 10. Sunglasses are the only answer

  • 11. Where is the full body mirror?

  • How are we supposed to take a mirror Selfie?? #shortgirlproblems

    Posted by Hit105 on Saturday, February 15, 2014
  • 12. Photos with friends: It's either me or them

  • 13. Kissing is a calf exercise

  • 14. When your "little" sibling isn't the little one

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  • 15. Why is it so automatic?

  • 16. The short girl life-saver

  • 17. Even with the seat all the way down ..

  • 18. The only way to fix that problem

  • 19. Oh, those awkward hugs

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  • 20. Heels — every day

  • 21. The basketball struggle

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  • 22. Feeling like ..

  • 23. If someone else drives

  • #shortgirlproblem #boosterseattoclose The reason why i don't let someone drives my car.󾟤󾰑 #photogrid @photogridorg

    Posted by Christel Nebria on Thursday, May 14, 2015
  • 24. Your kind of game: limbo

  • 25. THAT feeling

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  • 26. High fives don't always have to be high. Come on now people

  • 27. You don't even notice you do it

  • 28. You have your tactics

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  • 29. Trying to see what you can fit into

  • 30. Story of my life at the gym

  • But let's be real people; here's the truth

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