13 bizarre wedding toppers for your cake

Forget the traditional bride and groom; there’s a weirder way to “top” off your special day.

13 bizarre wedding toppers for your cake

Forget the traditional bride and groom; there’s a weirder way to “top” off your special day.
  • Every bride is looking for a way to make her wedding and reception unique. I mean, who wants to go to the same-style ceremony to see the same dress and eat the same kind of cake 87 times each June? While there are loads of ways to make any reception special, these couples have decided to play around with the traditional wedding cake topper (for better or for worse):

  • Rubber duckies

  • Because nothing says love like rubber bath toys, am I right? Bright yellow and whimsical, theses wedding cake toppers would be hard to miss.

  • #weddinginspiration #littleducklings #weddingtoppers #caketopper #weddingdetails #weddingday #weddingphotography

    A photo posted by Simple Joie Photography (@simplejoiephoto) on

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  • "KISS" the bride

  • The minion craze has infiltrated the wedding world, but don't stop there! Be even more unique by dressing up your minion selves as your favorite metal band, too.

  • #kissminions #weddingtoppers #askewscakesandbakes #mackay #whitsundays

    A photo posted by Nat Askew (@askewscakesandbakes) on

  • #formycanadianlove

  • Instagram user @wildwooddancer commissioned a pair of golden moose to adorn her wedding cake and most definitely used the hashtag #formycanadianlove in the most perfect way possible.

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  • The happiest place on Earth

  • Mickey and Minnie couldn't be happier standing atop this wedding cake. Taking a leaf out of Walt Disney's book adds cartoon charm to any wedding, which is exactly what you are looking for in a wedding ceremony.

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  • For Batman or for worse

  • Adding in some superhero glam couldn't be easier with a pair of Batman and Catwoman cake toppers.

  • Batman and Catwoman #weddingtoppers #Superhero #Batman #Catwoman #etsy #Marvel #chibi

    A photo posted by (@chikipitashop) on

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  • If you're a bird, I'm a bird (sorta)

  • I'm not sure Noah Calhoun was talking about being flamingos in that classically romantic film "The Notebook," but how can we be sure?

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  • Feelin' foxy

  • Feel free to invite a woodland theme to any reception with ease (Don't worry: these foxes are dressed for the occasion).

  • A foxy beginning

    A photo posted by India Marisa (@indiavslife) on

  • I choose you

  • Pokemon fans will love portraying themselves atop a wedding cake as a pair of Pikachus.

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  • For Vader or for worse

  • With the current Star Wars craze, is it any surprise we would see a black and pink Vader couple?

  • I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. Vader #purolove #caketoppers #weddingtoppers #darthvader #starwars

    A photo posted by Cristina Beltrán (@purolove) on

  • Everything is awesome

  • Keep some childhood charm in your grown-up ceremony by sitting a pair of Legos on your white wedding cake.

  • E viveram felizes para sempre...

    A photo posted by Peguei o Buquê (@pegueiobuque) on

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  • Who let the dogs out?

  • I'm positive there is a cat equivalent, but this couple has gone with adding dogs to their wedding party. The hat and veil are cute touches, but don't miss the tennis ball at their cute doggie feet.

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  • I donut doubt I love you

  • Top off your cake with this sweet treat ... or go all out, and make a donut tower instead of the traditional cake. I promise you and your beau will look great as glazed pastries.

  • Adorable wedding Toppers for my doughnut cake! #doughnutcake #wedding #weddingtoppers

    A photo posted by Sarah Nalette (@5imply5arah) on

  • Do you want fries with that?

  • I'm guessing this couple wanted to add in some of their own hobbies or habits to their wedding cake topper. That, or they really like French fries and weightlifting.

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  • And, whatever these are

  • But, hey, at least they are in love.

  • Cute wedding toppers: #retro #aliens #weddingtoppers

    A photo posted by Frankie Wantuch (@fdubbbbb) on

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