Finding time to be reverent

Sometimes it's nice to escape the world and seek God. As we find moments to be still and reverent, we can feel the peace and assurance of his love for us.

Finding time to be reverent

Sometimes it's nice to escape the world and seek God. As we find moments to be still and reverent, we can feel the peace and assurance of his love for us.
  • In a way, reverence means escape. Every now and then, who doesn’t want to escape from the noisy world of work, social media, a cluttered house, crazy schedules, messy relationships, needy kids and unfinished chores? Reverence evokes peace, stillness and communion with God.

  • The word reverence means “a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration,” and it is “usually reserved for the sacred or divine.” (

  • With so much to do and so few moments to be still, how can we spare the time to escape life’s problems and feel reverence for God? It is possible to make the time, and those precious minutes of quiet reflection count.

  • If a walk is part of your daily routine, focus on quieting your jumbled thoughts and turning to God. Listen to uplifting music. In the early morning or just before bed, take a few minutes to pray. Consider that time to be your “daily devotional.” If you have little ones at home who nap, perhaps that can be your restful time. Attending church and setting aside your worldly cares to worship God is another way to incorporate peace and reverence into your life.

  • Once that time is set aside, what specific things can we do to quiet our thoughts and connect with God?

  • Pray

  • Communicate with God using your own words. Pour out your worries. Ask for help with a complicated relationship, a test at school, a difficult job situation or a troubling health issue. Or, simply give thanks. Reflect on the ways that God has touched your life and express deep gratitude for your blessings.

  • Read the scriptures

  • The scriptures bring peace. Think about the lovely, calming words from the book of Psalms in the Old Testament. The scriptures provide an anchor, grounding us from the craziness of schedules and worldly influences. We can draw closer to God as we apply the scriptures to ourselves. It’s been said that we speak to God through prayer, and he answers us through the scriptures.

  • Make home a refuge

  • If you have kids, you know your home will probably never be a monastery. But given some effort, it can, on occasion, be a peaceful place. By silencing the TV and putting away the electronics, we can teach our kids that quiet time is rejuvenating and healthy. There are times for loud play, laughter, TV and blaring music. There should also be allotted times for soft voices, reading and study, and inviting God’s influence into our homes. Religious leader and motivational speaker Tom Perry said, “Where, then, does the development of reverent attitudes begin? The home is the key to reverent attitudes as it is to every other godlike virtue.”

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  • As we strive to allocate a few precious moments each day or week for communion with God and peace and quiet, our lives will feel better balanced. Our children will understand that prayer, worship, and quiet periods provide a necessary counterbalance to the noisy craziness of life.

Megan Gladwell, a freelance writer and sometimes teacher, lives in beautiful Northern California with her husband and four children.


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