11 wonderfully romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary

Whether you are celebrating your second or twenty-second year together, these ideas are sure to please.

11 wonderfully romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary

Whether you are celebrating your second or twenty-second year together, these ideas are sure to please.
  • Some couples think celebrating an anniversary loses its meaning after the years, but never underestimate the power of an extra special date. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or someone who couldn't care less about roses and chocolate, here are some truly spectacular ways to make your celebration even more special.

  • Go where you had your first kiss

  • If you remember where your first kiss was, go ahead and take your darling to that exact spot on your anniversary. Spend some time reminiscing about how that first kiss happened (and how awkward it was).

  • Spend a whole day at the spa

  • Relaxing with your love at the spa is both incredibly romantic and relaxing. Spend time together taking relaxing baths and getting a couple's massage. At the end of the day, you both will feel incredibly calm and in love.

  • Couple photo shoot

  • Put on your best clothes and have a romantic photo shoot. Hire a professional photographer or grab a friend with a nice camera to take photos of you both holding hands, stealing a kiss, or gazing into each other's eyes.

  • Throw an anniversary party

  • Organize an anniversary party and invite people who came to your wedding as well as inviting new friends you have made as a married couple. Try and play the same music the DJ played at your wedding and see if you can recreate the menu for guests to snack on during the night. Use the The Nostalgia Machine app to help you out.

  • Rent a house in the woods for the weekend

  • There's nothing more romantic than spending a day (or more) at a cabin in the woods. You can spend the whole weekend together doing a lot of activities like cooking your favorite meals, going hiking together, starting a bonfire and watching the stars at night. You can check for available rentals here.

  • Recreate your honeymoon trip

  • Do you remember how incredible your honeymoon trip was? Recreating that vacation is definitely a very romantic way to fall in love again. You can plan the trip in advance to amp up the anticipation (and make sure you get good hotel rates), then enjoy an unbelievably romantic time together all over again.

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  • Rent a limo and spend a fancy night together

  • Having an extra fancy night out on the town is super romantic. Rent a limo to pick up your darling and meet her at a restaurant. After dinner, have the driver take you to your favorite dancing spot, or restaurant hop to find the best desserts. Live in luxury with your love for a very romantic anniversary celebration.

  • Watch your wedding video together

  • You may think this is overkill, but the reality is that pulling out your wedding video will bring you back in time and will make you feel those stomach butterflies all over again. You both will laugh, cry, and fall in love again and again while watching your wedding video together.

  • Spend some time shopping

  • Go to a store you both like, split up and buy a present you think he/she will love. Then, after you both pay, exchange gifts and test how well you think you know your partner. (I recommend doing this in your car in the store's parking lot in case you need to change a size, swap the item out for another color, etc).

  • Give your love a box full of letters

  • Letters will always be romantic, and there's nothing better than reading a letter from your darling when you need it most. Pack up a box of letters for your partner to open when your love is having a tough day, an especially hectic work week, etc.

  • Rent a yacht and make a toast

  • If you've got the money, go all out and rent a yacht in order to spend the whole day holding hands with your love on the ocean. Enjoy the sun, some good food and a romantic toast at sunset. Make "the yacht of love" a memorable adventure.

  • Don't lose the romance of an anniversary over the years. Instead, use this celebration as a way to remember how much you love each other.

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