25 cities that’ll give you the best wedding possible

So you're looking to get married? Here are the best cities in which to do it. Seriously.

25 cities that’ll give you the best wedding possible

So you're looking to get married? Here are the best cities in which to do it. Seriously.
  • 2016 is going to be a costly year for couples getting married.

  • Of course, that depends where and when you have your wedding.

  • A new report from the Thumbtack Journal, a wedding advice website, found that couples will spend 20 percent more on wedding services this year compared with last, spending close to $12,189 on average throughout the country.

  • Weddings this year won't be just a simple reciting of vows and a basic dinner, either. Rather, couples in 2016 will incorporate "formal and intimate dinners, subtler personalizations, and interactive mementos like social-media-friendly cinematic highlight videos" into their weddings, the report said.

  • Location is especially important for couples, who will put most of their extra spending toward the wedding receptions, the report said.

  • "This year we're seeing couples investing up to 20 percent more to create a memorable, classic affair," Ashley Brasier, the wedding director for Thumbtack, said in the report. "The reception is the focus of this extra spending, with couples turning away from themed weddings and instead focusing on finer touches like formal plated dinners, laser-cut place settings, and bold floral choices."

  • So where can you go to find the best deal on a wedding as a way to save some money and get married in a good location? Well, you may want to start in Orlando, Florida, which WalletHub just ranked as the best city in which to get married.

  • To find this, WalletHub's team looked at a number of indicators to determine the best cities for "nuptial friendliness," including wedding costs, number of venues and hotel space availability, among other factors.

  • Experts said these cities will help couples find the perfect location to tie the knot.

  • "A good philosophy is to find a reasonable balance between creating a memorable, meaningful experience and preparing adequately for the months and years ahead," said Luke Erickson, personal finance educator at the University of Idaho. "A dollar figure or even budget percentage is not an appropriate guideline as each couple will have to decide how to find this balance given their own unique circumstances."

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  • Click through the slideshow to see where your city ranks in the top 25.

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.


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