13 weirdly adorable ways to say 'I love you'

Because saying it with words isn’t surprising at all.

13 weirdly adorable ways to say 'I love you'

Because saying it with words isn’t surprising at all.
  • With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you still have time to surprise your boo with a few extremely creative (and a little peculiar) ways to say "I love you." Any one of these ideas shows your love you really go the extra mile to let them know how much you care (and what an awesome sense of humor you have).

  • Spoon me

  • In Welsh tradition, sailors would spend long voyages intricately carving a wooden spoon to give to the girl they wished to court when they came home. Read more about the tradition here, and get started on your carving! You've only got a couple more days.

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  • Spell it out

  • Have your ever turned back the covers to find "I love you" spelled out with Redhot candies? I don't think so. Take your darling's favorite treat and use it to spell out your love in an unexpected place.

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  • Pigeons in a pear tree

  • Though pigeons might not be as romantic as partridges, you can't really send love letters via any other bird. Yes, even in today's technological world, you can send a cute note by carrier pigeon.

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  • Emoji sentiments

  • If you aren't into old school sentiments, try fashioning a cutesy design made up of emojis. Use those little faces and images to "act out" your favorite romance movies, or just send your sweetie a row of heart-eyed smiley faces.

  • Pizza > Love

  • Dinner and a love letter in one is sure to win your partner over. Say "I love you" with spicy pepperoni and stuffed crust, or with chocolate chips if you want to make a dessert version. Yummmmm.

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  • Real love

  • There are loads of very sappy and romantic cards that are all the same, so why not send your darling a card that's quirky and to the point to say "I love you"? Write your own or borrow someone else's creativity.

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  • Not-so-secret messages

  • If your boo is a heavy sleeper, you are in luck. While they snooze, write out your love letter on their hands (or their tummy, feet, forehead, etc). That's a card they won't be able to stuff in an envelope and forget about.

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  • Finder's keepers

  • Surprise your Valentine with random love notes hidden in the most bizarre places you can think of. For example, if your darling makes their sandwich with extra mayonnaise in the morning, laminate a tiny note and hide it in the mayonnaise jar. The stranger, the better.

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  • Unreadable

  • Add in some serious mystery to your Valentine's Day card by typing up love notes in some illegible font. Wingdings, perhaps?

  • "I loaf you"

  • Everyone loves puns. Keep your partner on their toes by sending pun-filled love notes to 'em all day long. For extra brownie points, send along an item that relates to your dorky pun (because we all know a loaf of bread is a delicious, unique Valentine).

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  • Super old school

  • Hearken back to middle school days and send your boo dozens and dozens of paper airplanes with a message your darling will have to decode. If your aim isn't too good, hang paper airplanes anywhere you can think of.

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  • Forget phone numbers

  • Embrace your geeky side by sending a love message written in binary code. For an added dose of mystery, leave the card unsigned. Everyone loves a nerdy mystery-romance story.

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  • A picture says a thousand words

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  • "I love you" is just 3 little words. Trump your word count by "saying" that phrase with a picture. Share a photo or two through email or text elaborately showing your love in some cute or ridiculous way.

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