11 must-see ideas for your gender neutral nursery

It could just be a trend, but not needing to repurchase everything for a new baby makes perfect sense.

11 must-see ideas for your gender neutral nursery

It could just be a trend, but not needing to repurchase everything for a new baby makes perfect sense.
  • Culture and politics aside, there are some serious advantages to having a gender neutral nursery. Unless you want to repaint walls, repurchase blankets and redecorate, you are going to want to stick with gender neutral items.

  • Not yet sold on the idea? These nursery ideas are too cute to pass up:

  • Adventure awaits

  • Any baby- boy or girl- means you are embarking on quite the adventure. Take that theme and run with it, using posters, quotes, or accents to a nursery to welcome your littler explorer home.

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  • Moving mountains

  • A simple wall mural creates a point of personality and interest in a neutral room, like this easy mountain scene. Add a few framed quotes, prints, and a wooden cloud, and you are all set- whether it's home to a little prince or tiny princess.

  • It's all in the colors

  • While cool colored neutrals definitely don't sway the gender boat, blues, oranges, and greens all do well when paired with grays (or other calm colors).

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  • Full of hot air

  • Baby mobiles are a fab way to add personality and whimsy into a gender neutral nursery. While you could swap out pink bows for blue cars, there are plenty of options that remain neutral. Cute air balloons go either way (and are just darling).

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  • Who?

  • Having an animal theme isn't only cute; it doesn't have to change when your little boy becomes older brother to a bouncing baby girl. Owls, foxes, elephants… the options are limitless (and are all adorable).

  • Still love this owl set!

    A photo posted by M A X & G R A C E (@maxandgracebaby) on

  • Snuggles, sleeps, and stripes

  • There is no need for blank walls when stripes are an option. Don't get too distracted by the splendid decorations in the photo, because the stripes aren't worth missing.

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  • Oh deer

  • It's not necessary to stick with a Harry Potter theme for a gender neutral nursery, but it is an option… especially if you can nab a baby blanket as precious as this one.

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  • Travel hungry

  • A big old map of the world is surely an inspiring theme. Decorate with pictures of places abroad, tiny boats, trains, planes, cars, books in different languages, and more.

  • Mix and match

  • Mixing prints in the same color scheme adds personality and fun into a blank canvas room. Add in a splash of color while maintaining similar patterns, or mix up the designs within in the same palate.

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  • Ocean love

  • Simple prints within a theme (say, a beach theme?) make sense no matter what gender baby sleeps there.

  • Baby bunting

  • Add in a pop of color on neutral walls by adding some felt bunting around framed portraits and quotes. It's an easy DIY if you have some time on your hands (or more realistically, it's easy to purchase online too).

  • I'm a bit smitten with this custom bunting color story I made for a client. It may end up in shop soon!

    A photo posted by Faith Lex (@ordinarymommy) on

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