How to plan to clean your house

Have a plan, be organized and include everyone in your house cleaning activities.

How to plan to clean your house

Have a plan, be organized and include everyone in your house cleaning activities.
  • Translated and adapted by Taylor Richardson from the original article, “Como Fazer uma lista de limpeza da casa.” By Beth Proença Bonilha

  • How to make a Home Cleaning Plan

  • Organization is a word of order, but sadly, many people don’t know how to be organized or how to organize effectively.

  • Good organization starts with planning; planning that consists of these important points:

  • Know your tasks

  • List what needs to be done in every room in the house. For example, in the bedroom, the bed needs to be made, the clothes put away (whether they are dirty or clean). Sweeping, dusting, mopping and taking out the garbage need to be done all over the house; on your cleaning day you should clean and dust the cupboards, shoe racks and all the drawers. Vacuum the couch, pillows and the carpeted floors. You should also pay attention to the items that need polishing and waxing.

  • Choose a day

  • Choose a day to clean each room. Select a day to do a typical cleaning and a different day to do a deep cleaning. Whether you have a small or large family or you live alone, you should have a plan and knowing who will be in what room on a specific day will help you plan more effectively.

  • Inventory each room

  • Take stock of what is in every room so you can be prepared with the proper chemicals and other equipment. You also need to keep in mind the furniture and the traffic in the room, which will contribute to the level of dirtiness.

  • Make assignments

  • You need to know who will do what room in the house. Typically, families (no matter the size) divide up the work between all the capable family members. Sometimes a professional may be needed, but coordinate the work so you don’t have to worry about overlapping or redoing. (For example, don’t give a small child the task of cleaning the bathroom.)

  • What needs to be done for daily cleaning and on the big cleaning day?

  • Daily cleaning

  • This means that every room in the house should be organized. Organize each room, separate clean and dirty clothes, wipe down and dust the cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Sweep, mop or vacuum in the rooms that need it. All the garbage should be taken out of each room.

  • Big cleaning day

  • On the big cleaning day, select which room will receive the big cleaning. It is more common to clean only one or two rooms on your big cleaning day (unless your daily cleaning hasn't been happening.) Make a list of what needs to be done in that room, such as dusting the cabinets, washing the drawers, boxes, sinks, bathroom appliances, windows and the floor. When the floor is ready to be mopped, make sure it is swept first. Also, if you are going to clean the carpet, make sure you have vacuumed it first. It is a good idea to do a deeper cleaning when you are focusing on one or two rooms. You should be prepared with special cleaners like stain removers, wax, mold removers and polishes.

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  • Some cleaning tasks need to be done in a certain order and some don’t need to be done every time you clean. Things like cleaning the carpet, cleaning the blinds or curtains, cleaning the silverware and chandeliers and a deep cleaning the sofas and mattresses won't need to be done every time. When planning your cleaning schedule (or anything else for that matter) know what needs to be done daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annually.

  • Benefits of planning and organizing

  • A clean and organized house promotes happiness and harmony in the home. It isn't necessary for cleaning and organization to become a pet peeve or a disagreement in the family. To avoid this, everyone needs to contribute.

  • Cleaning is simplified through planning and distributing the tasks that need to be done throughout the week. You can still keep track of everything as long as you know and respect the plans for the day, week and month.

  • Make time to accomplish daily tasks. An organized person knows how to take advantage of the time and resources that are available.

  • Keeping your home clean and orderly will help you follow one of God’s plans for you. "Let all things be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40. 

Beth Bonilha graduated in Business Administration and has an MBA in Entrepreneurship. She is currently working as an Analyst Sebrae SP program in Entrepreneurial Education. She serves as a volunteer in these programs: CASP Own Business and is the President of the Relief Society in the Ward Progress Sorocaba. She is married and is a mother of six and a grandmother of two. Her hobbies include crocheting and embroidery, reading and listening to good music.

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