The most popular baby names from around the world

Here's what parents from 10 different countries are naming their babies.

The most popular baby names from around the world

Here's what parents from 10 different countries are naming their babies.
  • You already know which names are hot in the United States; but which names are most popular in other countries? Here's what parents from around the world are naming their children.

  • England

  • Every name is cuter with a British accent.

  • Girls: Sophia, Emily, Lily, Olivia, Amelia, Isla

  • Boys: Muhammad, Oliver, Jack, Noah, Jacob, Charlie

  • India

  • These names are as flavorful as their country's food.

  • Girls: Aadya, Diya, Saanvi, Amaira, Angel, Myra

  • Boys: Aarav, Reyansh, Muhammad, Vivaan, Ayaan, Vihaan

  • Australia

  • Check out these delightful names from down-under.

  • Girls: Charlotte, Olivia, Amelia, Ava, Sophia, Zoe

  • Boys: Oliver, Noah, Jack, Lucas, William, Jackson

  • Mexico

  • These Mexican names are as beautifully classic as they come.

  • Girls: María, Guadalupe, Juana, Margarita, Verónica, Elizabeth

  • Boys: José, Luis, Juan, Miguel, Francisco, Jesús

  • France

  • Give your baby a name with a French twist.

  • Girls: Manon, Jade, Louise, Alice, Camille, Chloe

  • Boys: Armand, Jules, Lucas, Leo, Gabriel, Arthur

  • Russia

  • It's the biggest country in the world, so there's probably a lot of people with these names.

  • Girls: Anastasia, Nastya, Dasha, Anna, Maria, Olga

  • Boys: Nikita, Dima, Alexander, Sergey, Vlad, Andrey

  • Brazil

  • These names are a combination of South American and Portugese cultures.

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  • Girls: Gabriela, Fernanda, Julia, Ana, Amanda, Beatriz

  • Boys: Gabriel, Lucas, Matheus, Pedro, Leonardo, João

  • Libya

  • African names are pretty unique to most English speakers, but that doesn't make them any less pretty.

  • Girls: Enass, Farah, Nabila, Kachi, Zainab, Ben Saidane

  • Boys: Ali, Moha Hassan, Mastafa, Zakaria, Wiss, Lover

  • Canada

  • Oh Canada has great baby names.

  • Girls: Emma, Hailey, Isabella, Jada, Matilda, Maya

  • Boys: Carter, Christopher, Hunter, Joseph, Joshua, Matthew

  • China

  • Here are the phonetic versions of these Chinese names.

  • Girls: Wang Fang, Wang Xiu Ying, Li Xiu Ying, Li Na, Zhang Xiu Ying, Zhang Min

  • Boys: Zhang Wei, Wang Wei, Li Wei, Liu Wei, Li Qiang, Wang Lei

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