52 unconventional Valentines gifts any woman would actually want to get

This list seriously covers everyone.

52 unconventional Valentines gifts any woman would actually want to get

This list seriously covers everyone.
  • Ah, Valentine's Day. That day to show your wife how much you love her … and completely stress out about messing it up. While her love for you isn't dependent on what you get her, a disappointing Valentine's Day can sure frustrate your relationship for a few days.

  • Here are 53 gift ideas for all types of budgets and personalities. And don't worry, this isn't one of those vague gift lists that you'll leave feeling frustrated.

  • For the adventurer

  • - Hot air balloon ride

  • This is usually about $150, but is seriously romantic.

  • ?Günaydın?Good Morning ? #cappadocia #hotairballoon #anatolianballoons #dream #great #experience #bucketlist #musttry

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  • - Spend the night in a fancy hotel nearby

  • - Go on a hike where you've never been before and pack along a fancy meal

  • Complete with fancy cheese, drinks and her favorite treat.

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  • - Surprise kidnap her at work and take her on a date

  • - A backpack

  • There's a range of styles and prices. This little $90 beauty is the most popular backpack of 2016.

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  • - A trip to see her family

  • She loves you, but she misses them.

  • - Recreate your first date

  • For something extra special, call her up on the phone and awkwardly ask her out just like you did that first time.

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  • - Cruise

  • If you want to splurge a little, this is the way to go. A vacation is exactly what she needs.

  • - Nice camera

  • A fancy camera opens a whole new world of exploration.

  • - Or camera bag

  • There's this gorgeous camera purse ($300), or this more casual day bag ($50).

  • @theblondeabroad adventuring on Mt. Huashan! Photo by @tysontravel #china #travel #wanderlust

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  • For the pretty-things lover

  • - A fancy haircut/color

  • It's hard to spend money this, but every woman lovesa fantastic haircut. Treat her by paying for her to go to her favorite salon.

  • - Custom Jewelry

  • For a fantastic mix of lovely and sentimental, get her jewelry with her initials on it, or the coordinates of where you first met.

  • Personalized Bar Necklace #namenecklace #personalized #myname #initialjewelry

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  • - That gorgeous purse she can't justify buying

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  • - Date outfit with date included

  • Buy her a dress and shoes and lay it on the bed with a note telling her to change, and meet up with you at a specific address. Have it lead to a restaurant to enjoy a fancy dinner date. Hint: look at her Pinterest clothes board for ideas on what kind of outfit to buy.

  • I love this man, like, really really ❤️ #BestFriend #MyLove #DateDay #vicandal2016

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  • - Her favorite perfume

  • Perfume is expensive, and when you get married, it usually drops off the bottom of the shopping list. If you know what she likes, buy her favorite, or go with her to help her pick something both of you like.

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  • - Nice set of dishes

  • Still using that thrifted set from college? Let her pick out something new she loves.

  • - A gift card to her favorite store

  • Perfect for the woman who doesn't like surprises.

  • - A super nice hairbrush for silky locks

  • Believe it or not, this makes a huge difference for healthy. Check out this article for some brush advice.

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  • - Amazing hair products

  • She might not be able to justify buying a Chi straightener or Bumble and Bumble shampoo for herself, but she can't say no if it comes from you.

  • - Fancy lipstick

  • Give her a little break from her regular drugstore options. Recommendation: anything Nars.

  • For the sentimental

  • - Digital picture frame

  • Here's a site that reviews a whole bunch of them.

  • - Make/order a personalized cross stich

  • So, cross stitch has made a surprisingly trendy comeback. Make a free pattern here, or you can order them from various Etsy owners. This one costs about $10.

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  • - Love story photo album

  • Pick your favorite photos of your relationship and order a book. Try fancier, larger books at sites like Mixbook and Shutterfly ($16+) or a simple, inexpensive book through Chatbooks ($8).

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  • - Family yearbook wall

  • Pick the best picture of each year you've been together, print them out and frame them, and hang them on a blank wall.

  • new project... ? almost done ???

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  • - 101 reasons you love her

  • Write them down, and put each one in a jar. It will keep her smiling for 101 days.

  • Made a #lovejar for #mylove! #present #christmasgift #quotes #regram

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  • - Buy something you think represents your favorite thing about her

  • i.e. you love how sassy she is, so you buy her cards with attitude.

  • sending out lots of valentines this week // get yours now! ?

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  • - Book of your cutest texts

  • Compile all your heart-fluttering, sweet texts and print them into a book.

  • For those on a tight budget

  • - Give her favorite candy bar

  • If you've decided to go simple this year, this is a small gesture that shows you know what she likes.

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  • - Bring her breakfast in bed

  • Good morning world ☕️? #breakfast #breakfastinbed

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  • - Do that thing you never want to do

  • Whether it's watching a chick flick with her, going to that gross burger joint that she somehow loves, or letting her shave your unibrow, there's always that one thing.

  • - Love letter

  • When was the last time you wrote her a letter full of what she means to you, and why you love her? This will make her swoon for months to come.

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  • - A day off

  • Give her a day off by making sure all her normal stresses are taken care of and she can do whatever she wants.

  • - Make her dinner for a week

  • If your lady is regularly the family chef, plan out meals for a week, print the weekly menu, and tell her you'll take care of the meals that week.

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  • - Frame your first text

  • That innocent one before you knew you would change each other's life.

  • - Write her a song

  • And record it for her if you're feeling extra ambitious.

  • - Give her a foot massage

  • This is welcome at any time.

  • - Indoor cruise

  • Turn your living room into a cruise ship! Have a fancy dinner, listen to the ocean, have unlimited ice cream, dance, pre-record a captain voice to come over the "intercom." It's a cheap way to get away.

  • - Draw her mini pictures of your relationship

  • Have you seen this tearjerker gum commercial? Replicate his ultra romantic proposal trick, and draw little scenes of your relationship highlights.

  • The Story of Sarah & Juan

    When you fall in love with a commercial :) For our best love stories, subscribe to our free email newsletter: <3 Video courtesy of Extra Gum

    Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, October 8, 2015
  • For the snuggly type

  • - Costco bear

  • Who wouldn't like cuddling with this? Buy it here.

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  • - Couples massage

  • It's a win-win for both.

  • - Rent a puppy

  • Because, puppies.

  • A photo posted by DOGS (@dogs.lovers) on

  • - Get a pedicure with her

  • Foot massage+ clean feet+ her favorite guy=happiness

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  • - Get that piece of furniture she's been eyeing

  • She might not need it, but that's the beauty of a gift!

  • For the nerd

  • - Tickets to her favorite band

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  • - An adorable journal

  • Rifle Paper Co. and Bando are a great place to start.

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  • - Showcase her inner nerd

  • Get her something she's too embarrassed to buy for herself: a shirt from her favorite book, a ring with her favorite character on it, a shower curtain of the periodic table. Etsy shops and Modcloth are a good place to look for nerdy items.

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  • - Subscription to Audible or Netflix

  • Or Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime, or all those other entertainment options.

  • - Pinterest stalk

  • Pinterest is truly your best friend in the gift department. Secretly look up her board and find something she recently pinned. She'll get exactly what she wants without having to tell you.

  • For the athletic type

  • - New running shoes

  • Those babies wear down fast!

  • - Go on a tandem bike ride

  • "You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." — Dr. Seuss

    A photo posted by Crystal Genes Portland Wedding (@crystalgenesphotography) on

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  • - Basket for her bike

  • Loving my new bike basket - perfect for flowers, cakes and other necessities???? #wald #bikebasket #bikelove

    A photo posted by Christine Egholm (@acieagurk) on

  • - Cute water bottle

  • Like this cool filter one, a faux wood look, or this trendy glass one.

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  • Metallic S'wells ✨

    A photo posted by homeArama Ltd (@homearamauk) on

  • - Her favorite team paraphernalia

  • And over all, make sure you tell her you love her! Happy Valentines Day!

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