11 crafts for millennial moms who love Peeps

Peeps will run a series of marketing videos that aim to appeal to young adult mothers. Here's what young mothers can do with those Peeps.

11 crafts for millennial moms who love Peeps

Peeps will run a series of marketing videos that aim to appeal to young adult mothers. Here's what young mothers can do with those Peeps.
  • Peeps aren't satisfied with just being Easter's top candy.

  • So they're trying a new outreach campaign, starting with millennial moms.

  • With the help of social media marketing company Just Born Quality Confections, Peeps will run a series of marketing videos that aim to appeal to young adult mothers. These videos — there are four of them, which will run from now until just before Groundhog Day — will try to show that the candy is about more than just Easter, Digital Trends reported.

  • "Millennial moms who grew up with Peeps in their Easter baskets are using them in a whole new way. They aren't just Easter treats anymore, but the focus of many craft projects and kitchen experiments with the microwave and sometimes, even open flames," according to Digital Trends.

  • This should be a profitable time for Peeps, too. The campaign, which will launch on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, is expected to generate a 10 percent rise in demand for Peeps, New York Post reported. Peeps haven't sold well in recent years, mostly in the "low single digits."

  • And, as of last year, only 60 percent of Peeps are actually eaten, where as the other 40 percent are used for a variety of projects or fun experiments — like blowing them up in a microwave, the New York Post reported.

  • Here are some fun ways that millennial moms are using Peeps this year.

  • Hang a Peep wreath

  • The winter holidays may be over, but you can still make your front door festive for Easter Sunday. One Pinterest user built a wreath using Peeps, substituting the pine needles with actual Peep marshmallows. This could potentially melt in the sun.

  • Peeping on the ear

  • You can keep Peeps with you all "ear" round with a pair of earrings, as seen on Etsy.

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  • Make a stylish bucket

  • Sometimes you need a good decoration around the house. What better way to welcome the spring than having a bucket full of Peeps on the counter. Caution: Some may try to escape. Just kidding.

  • Kebabs, but with Peeps

  • Freshly grilled kebabs can be one of the freshest summer eats. Spend your late winter and early spring months indulging in these Peep Kebabs, which are basically cupcakes on a stick. Peeps are definitely a better substitute than veggies.

  • Peep straws

  • Getting a little thirsty? Why not sip your drink from a Peep straw. This isn't a hard one to make — just slide your straw right through one of those marshmallow bunnies and you've got it.

  • A centerPeeps, get it?

  • Is your dinner table missing something fun? Does your coffee table need something lively? You can make this cool Easter Peeps garden centerpiece relatively easy. All it takes is a planter box, some fake grass and a couple of Peeps. Definitely timely around the Easter season.

  • Barbie needs an Easter dress

  • Your daughter may have a tough time finding the right dress for her Barbie on Easter Sunday. So instead of rummaging through Barbie's wardrobe or testing your limits in the toy aisle, use your Peeps to create a dress. Seriously. There's a recipe on how to do it, shown below:

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  • Push them Peeps up

  • Who doesn't love a good iced push pop in the summer? Well, you can now make a Peeps version for the winter months. In fact, it's even Peeps Brand recommended.

  • Peep, Peep!

  • Honk the horn with these cool Peep race cars. All it takes is a few Twinkies, some pretzels and a couple of Peeps to get your food off to the races.

  • Make some additional Easter treats

  • Think the only way to eat a peep is to swallow it hole? Think again. There are plenty of recipes out there for additional Easter treats. Good Housekeeping magazine suggests aligning the Peeps like a bird's nest, which is created with graham crackers, vanilla frosting and some candy eggs. Those interested can look at Good Housekeeping for the recipe.

  • Have some fun with the children

  • You don't have to just create a fancy Peeps design to make them edible and fun. Viral news site Pop Sugar has a number of recipes that make eating Peeps even more exciting, like using them to make a sunflower that uses jelly beans as dirt, dishing out some Peep sushior even creating a sword fight scene of the Peeps.

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Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.


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