These 9 couples have the best engagement photos from our favorite movies

When you dress up like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, how could your engagement photos go wrong?

These 9 couples have the best engagement photos from our favorite movies

When you dress up like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, how could your engagement photos go wrong?
  • If you are looking for a brilliantly iconic and romantic engagement photo, it makes sense to dress up and do it in costume, right? A handful of couples have done just that, recreating favorite scenes from their favorite movies to announce their big day.

  • Up

  • We all know the most charming love story Pixar + Disney ever told didn't even include a word of dialogue (which makes it perfect to portray in photos). This darling couple wants a love just like Carl and Ellie's: a whimsical romance that lasts through the years. For more from their photo shoot, check out this blog.

  • The Notebook

  • If you are going for romantic and iconic for your engagement photos, "The Notebook" is an obvious choice. There are a few couples who have dressed up in 1940s attire to recreate the classic scenes with stunning results. Kisses in the rain, old cars and a memorable waterfront smooch will make it hard to choose just one picture to send out.

  • Harry Potter

  • The magical series might not initially come off as a romance, but the chance to duel with wands during your engagement photo session is too much to pass up. As a plus, there are about 1,001 ways to have the coolest "Harry Potter" themed wedding if you want to continue the trend.

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  • Pride and Prejudice

  • Mr. Darcy's proposal is pretty close to flawless, and dressing up in period clothing to recreate such a romantically rocky relationship is genius. One clever (and sadly, no longer single) man proposed to his Austen-loving girlfriend and the photos are swoon-worthy.

  • Superman

  • For any Superman-loving couple, you've got to sneak in at least one "Clark Kent ripping off his shirt to be Superman" photo. Wearing the iconic logo underneath stuffy dress clothes is a clever way to add in some serious personality to a traditional photo shoot.

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  • Star Wars

  • This particular picture was just too cute to pass up. It's whimsical, the helmets make it hilarious, it's adorably geeky … what else are you looking for in an engagement picture?

  • In light of last-night pre-sale ticket crash? Take your love for Star Wars & each other to a whole new level!

    A photo posted by Love Buzz Events (@lovebuzzevents) on

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  • 101 Dalmatians

  • Any couple who wants to involve their dogs in their engagement shoot should flip through these photos. Though the two dogs in the picture aren't Dalmatians, the couple sure does Robert and Anita proud.

  • Mario and Princess Peach

  • These go-Karts and the spot-on costumes are perfect. The Spanish photographer has more from this couple's creative shoot as well as another couple's themed engagement shoot here if you need more video game inspiration.

  • "Two Fun Mario Bros Engagement Shoots From"

    Posted by When Geeks Wed on Monday, July 29, 2013
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  • Legos

  • Props to this couple who has the quirkiest and cutest engagement pictures without even being in the photos. Not only are the photos incredibly memorable and cute, but no one had to worry about hair and makeup or having their eyes closed in some of the pictures.

  • She said yes! My most popular etsy listing. #Lego #fun #photography #legophotography #lol #legos #engagement #ido #shesaidyes #legoengagement

    A photo posted by Sienna Toney Photography (@siennatoneyphotography) on

  • Bravo for thinking outside the box and having some adorably impressive engagement photos.

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