6 ways you are disrespecting others and don't even know it

Are your everyday actions unintentionally disrespecting others?

6 ways you are disrespecting others and don't even know it

Are your everyday actions unintentionally disrespecting others?
  • Disrespecting another person is something you never intentionally want to do. However, you may be unaware of some ways you might be hurting others and damaging your relationships.

  • Here are 6 ways you are disrespecting others and you don't even realize it:

  • 1. Sarcasm

  • Sarcasm can be witty, but there is a fine line between humorous and hurtful. Once you cross that line, you are no longer funny. It is disrespectful.

  • Pay attention to the recipient's reaction. The moment you say something that hurts them, their mannerisms will shift. They might throw their head back in shock, turn their body slightly away from you or cross their arms.

  • If you see any of these signs, ask them if you went to far. If they say yes, quickly apologize and explain that you meant no harm by what you said.

  • 2. Yelling

  • Nothing is more frustrating for a parent than when a child is disobedient. But you can't teach a child respect while yelling at them. You would never think about yelling at another adult, but you might yell at your kids for not being good. The moment you begin to raise your voice in anger, you have crossed the line from respect to disrespect.

  • Try to stay calm when speaking to your children. They are more willing to listen when you are calm than when you are angry. The best way to teach a child about respect is by being respectful.

  • 3. Complaining

  • Everyone likes a good gab session. A night out with friends is the perfect opportunity to talk about life and catch up on the latest gossip. However, you need to be careful, because the moment you begin to speak badly about your spouse is the moment you disrespect your partner.

  • It is always a good rule of thumb to keep your marriage problems within your marriage. No matter how much you want to talk about how annoying your spouse can be, avoid it at all costs. Respect your spouse in and out of his or her presence.

  • 4. Unknowingly Advising

  • How many times have you been in a conversation when the person you're talking to is only looking for a way to interrupt and say what he or she wants to say? Or they only want to give you advice, but it is far from what you wanted or needed. If they had only sat and listened, they would have understood what you actually needed.

  • If someone comes to you with a problem, looking for advice, pay close attention to his or her words. Try to understand the problem. Don't interrupt or only think of your reply — just sit and listen.

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  • 5. Texting

  • One of the most disrespectful things you can do is to let yourself be distracted by your phone while someone is trying to talk to you. It shows that you really don't care about the conversation. Is the text you just received really more important than the person you're talking to?

  • In a world where everyone is attached to his or her phone, these moments are bound to happen. It is a problem we all face. If you're in a conversation, and you hear a notification, just silence your phone. Whatever it is can wait five minutes until the conversation is over.

  • 6. Domineering

  • Have you ever been in a conversation when you wanted to say something, but never could? Or you mention something about your life, but the other person just shrugs it off?

  • A conversation is always two-sided. One person speaks, then the other responds. It's all about sharing ideas and experiences. It isn't fair or respectful to keep the conversation one-sided.

  • Take interest in the life and concerns of the other person. Definitely take the time to talk about yourself, but always give the other person the opportunity to speak and talk about their life as well.

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