23 little things that mean a whole lot to your kids

It may not seem like a big sacrifice to you to do one of the these things, but it will mean the world to your kids.

23 little things that mean a whole lot to your kids

It may not seem like a big sacrifice to you to do one of the these things, but it will mean the world to your kids.
  • Having a special little moment with your child doesn't need to be a big affair; take a minute or two out of your day to really go out of your way and show your kid how much you love them.

  • It's easier to let life go on without the tiny surprises or random moments of being silly, but these breaks in the routine are the sort of things your kids will remember for years to come.

  • Here are 23 little things you can start doing today:

  • 1. Frame your little angel's artwork and put it in your bedroom; swap out masterpieces instead of hiding them in a drawer.

  • 2. If you pass by a park on your way home, stop and let your kids play. Life can wait for 15 minutes of fun.

  • 3. Have your child teach you how to do something, instead of you teaching them everything.

  • 4. Let your little girl wear your necklace, or let your little man borrow a tie for church this week.

  • 5. Wear the macaroni necklace your child made for you every chance you get.

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  • 6. Change your phone background to a big picture of your child for the day.

  • 7. Surprise your girl or boy with breakfast in bed with mom and dad.

  • 8. Borrow a princess crown, so you can match your own princess when you run errands.

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  • 9. Compare photos of your kids with photos of yourself at their age.

  • 10. Hide a little note in the most unexpected places just to say "I love you" in different ways: spell it out, draw a picture, use stickers, borrow words from a different language, etc.

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  • 11. Say "yes" to something you would normally say no to (within reason, e.g. actually stopping to get ice cream).

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  • 12. Put down the book and join in the puddle jumping or sand castle building.

  • 13. Add a side of fun to dinner: blow bubbles with dessert, or insist on everyone wearing party hats. Be silly with your kids.

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  • 14. When you leave for the day, leave your child with a little box that has a "kiss" inside. Let them know they can open their "kiss box" to get some love when they miss you.

  • 15. Say "yes" instead of "in a little while."

  • 16. Mail them a letter to look for while you are away for the weekend (or the day).

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  • 17. Choose something each day to praise about your child and keep an eye out for that attribute.

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  • 18. Leave them a fun "IOU," like an ice cream date, or a movie night with the parents.

  • 19. Kiss their noise, their cheeks, the top of their head, and give them a big hug every chance you get (even when they resist).

  • 20. Postpone chores and homework to read aloud from a favorite chapter or picture book.

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  • 21. Make the mundane things in life more fun: throw a dance party with breakfast, add in bubbles and new toys for bath time, or say prayers and read a story in a tent set up in the living room.

  • 22. Make sure your child is in earshot when you are praising their skills to a friend or teacher.

  • 23. Get ready ahead of schedule so the "Hurry up, we are late!" can be replaced by puddle jumping, flower picking, or bug catching on the way to school.

  • Test out these ideas, reuse your favorites, or create your own ways to set aside a minute or two each day that shows your kids you are thinking of them.

  • Who knows? They may want to carry out the same traditions when they have kids of their own.

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