11 ways to pack the cutest Christmas lunch

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear … and by packing a festive lunch.

11 ways to pack the cutest Christmas lunch

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear … and by packing a festive lunch.
  • You've got the stockings hung up and the tree lit and decorated; but how do you bring that Christmas excitement to school? Sure, there are bound to be holiday crafts before recess, but what about lunch time? Don't fret; these ideas are good enough for Santa to snack on:

  • Say cheese!

  • String cheese gets some serious holiday cheer with the help of a marker and a ribbon. Draw on the simple snowman face and carrot nose and don't forget to tie around a ribbon scarf to keep him warm! Add on a paper stovetop hat for extra flair, and ta-da! String cheese snowmen.

  • Lunch like Rudolph

  • Pack a bag of reindeer food for your little kiddo (shh … it's secretly granola). Tie it up in a cute gift bag and label it as "Rudolph Chow" for a Christmas twist on a favorite snack.

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  • Afternoon mischief

  • If your family is part of the "Elf on the Shelf" craze, sneaking that tricky elf into a lunchbox would be quite the school time surprise. Hiding between two pieces of bread, tucked in a water bottle, or hanging out with the pretzels is sure to give your kid a smile.

  • Ho-Ho-Yo-gurt

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  • A little cup of yogurt gets an instant holiday transformation with the help of a few Christmas-y sprinkles. Pop them in a little baggie for your kid to add their own Christmas cheer to an otherwise normal part of lunch.

  • Color me Christmas

  • Toss in some green and red colored vegetables, or fruits of the same colors for an easily done Christmas lunch. Bright green snap peas and ruby red grape tomatoes are a great choice, or go for Christmas green kiwi slices with some vibrant red raspberries for a perfect holiday-themed snack. Yum!

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  • Pack like Santa

  • Who better to carry around precious cargo than a reindeer? These reindeer-style lunch bags are an adorable way to pack up your Christmas-y lunch.

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  • That's a wrap

  • If you've run short of holiday-themed foods, you can't go wrong by wrapping items up in Christmas wrapping paper to get in the holiday spirit. Easily say "Merry Christmas" in a lunch sack by wrapping up the sandwich, juice box and banana with some red and green paper. Your kids will love opening up an extra present or two that afternoon.

  • Wready to wrap! ?

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  • Just add chocolate cheer

  • Let your kids play with their food in this Christmas-y addition to lunch. Pack up a little thermos filled with hot water and add this adorable Christmas ornament filled with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. Come lunch time, your kiddos can add the powder to their thermos and give it a stir with a candy cane.

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  • Santa Baby ... Bell cheese

  • Those red-waxed mini cheese wheels are basically begging to be made into something more holly and jolly. A little black and gold construction paper make a perfectly sized belt to wrap around "Santa's stomach." Or, craft out a Rudolph or two by artfully carving away that red wax. They are almost too cute to eat … almost.

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  • When santa looks more like a pirate... #babybell #babybellcheese #rudolph #snacktime

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  • Do you wanna build a snowman?

  • A bag of three marshmallows or three powdered sugar donut holes make a deliciously Christmas-y dessert, especially if you provide a chocolate chip smile. Add in a Fruit Roll-Up scarf and you have yourself the cutest and tastiest little snowman.

  • making these little cuties for tomorrow ⛄⛄⛄ #marshmallowsnowmen

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  • Holiday cut-outs

  • PB&J gets an easy Christmas makeover when you break out your cookie cutters. Stocking-shaped sandwiches are sure to please, and little snowflake-shaped cucumbers are enough to make anyone anxious for Christmas Day.

  • Test out a few of these, and add your own to make lunch the most fun way to count down to Christmas.

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