5 ways to be the most embarrassing parent in the world

A simple guide to embarrassing your kids with maximum impact.

5 ways to be the most embarrassing parent in the world

A simple guide to embarrassing your kids with maximum impact.
  • "Daaad! You're embarrassing me!"

  • Music to a parent's ears.

  • It seems like the only way to be sure you're doing something right as a parent is by embarrassing your kids. Here are 10 foolproof ways to elicit groans and bright red faces from your kids.

  • Dress

  • If you're trying to embarrass your kid, it's crucial that you look the part. There are two directions you can take with this so feel free to try both out, and see what feels right for you.

  • Option 1: Wear what your kids would consider "out of style." You can do this, just bring back your hippest high school outfit. If you break out some neon blue eyeshadow and a fanny pack, you will be in business.

  • Option 2: Dress younger than your age. Slip on those short-shorts or a One Direction T-shirt and your kid won't know what to do with himself.

  • Lingo

  • Your kids talk a bit differently. This works to your advantage. Hearing you speak their language will make them cringe.

  • A great phrase to try out might be "That's totes on fleek!" (Translation: That is totally on point) or "TTYL home girl!" (Translation: Talk to you later, girl who is from my neighborhood).

  • Social Media

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  • The possibilities with social media embarrassment are endless! Why not upload some pictures of your son in his Spiderman pajamas? Or write on your daughter's boyfriend's timeline? Feel free to get creative here.

  • Please note: I've heard many a child refer to Facebook as "mom-book." So get yourself on Instagram if you want the most out of your social media experience.

  • Kissing

  • Whether you're kissing your kid or kissing your spouse, public displays of affection are a great way to embarrass your kid. For maximum impact, wait for a moment when his friends are watching.

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  • Dance

  • It's Good To Embarrass Your Kids
    It's Good To Embarrass Your Kids / via Adequate Man
  • Getting your groove on in public is easily the quickest way to make your kid wish he was invisible. You can try out some moves that were cool back in the day or you can't go wrong with a little bit of improvisation.

  • By following these simple instructions you may get your daughter to pretend she doesn't know you next time y'all are in public.

  • Well done, parent.

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