9 must-take sibling pictures

Your camera roll is full of hundreds of pictures, but are you taking pictures you’ll want you have in 10 years?

9 must-take sibling pictures

Your camera roll is full of hundreds of pictures, but are you taking pictures you’ll want you have in 10 years?
  • While the photos of your morning coffee make a good Instagram post, in a few years you are going to wish you had more pictures of your kids together…all together. You know they grow up fast, but you can capture at least a few special snapshots to cherish while they are still little.

  • I wanna hold your hand

  • Oh, how sweet would it be to have piles of photos of your kids holding hands? When your little toddler is taking shaky steps and older brother swoops in to offer a hand, stop what you're doing and snap a photo. Sneak in some candids; your kids won't always want to hold hands.

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  • All the single ladies

  • If you are lucky enough to get a pair or more of sisters, be sure to get loads of photos of your girls all together. Snap a shot of them wrapped up in a towel at the beach, snuggled on the couch watching a movie, or just all playing together. Those candid shots of just your girls will be something they'll want to have for themselves when they get older.

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  • Hugs and kisses

  • You can never have enough pictures of those cute little baby toes. You might need to stage a few shots, but you'll be glad you did. Snag your oldest to give a set of baby toes a smooch for some photos you'll cherish them when those toes aren't so little anymore.

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  • Sibling snoozes

  • Don't miss the chance to capture a photo of your kids all sleeping. If everyone dozed off during a car ride, turn around to get a quick picture of heads on shoulders and laps, quietly sleeping before waking them all up.

  • Lookin' up

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  • Older siblings are always looking out for their younger siblings. Be sure to snap a picture of them doing just that.

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  • Follow the leader

  • Capture a handful of photos of your kids all doing the same thing. Whether that's decorating cookies around the holidays, or lined up with ice cream smeared on their faces you'll want a picture of all your kids playing together.

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  • Wake up call

  • Have your older kids line up to wake up their younger sibling and bring your camera. It makes for a sweet reminder of a morning routine that one day won't be so frequent. Extra points if your mornings are a little rowdy with all those boys.

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  • Morning shenanigans all before my first cup of joe. #tactilekids #letthembelittle #goodmorningkids

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  • Lined up in a row

  • Get a photo of your kids measuring each other against a door frame, or a shot of just their feet against the door. This photo would be a great one to take every year to really see how big all your kids have gotten from year to year.

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  • 3 little monkeys jumping on the bed

  • Capture some sibling silliness whenever you get the chance. Whether that's the twins who made flour snow angels on the kitchen floor, or covering from head to tow in bubbles in the bath.

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  • Of course, this list isn't comprehensive, but you'll be glad to get a few of each type on this list before your kids grow up.

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