7 easy steps to balance work and family life

Feeling consumed by work? Follow these easy steps to create balance between work and family life.

7 easy steps to balance work and family life

Feeling consumed by work? Follow these easy steps to create balance between work and family life.
  • I know first hand it is difficult finding balance between work and family life. With the aim of pushing your career or business forward, the easiest time to sacrifice is time with your family.

  • Quality time with your family isn't just eating meals or driving together. If you have kids, you will know the kind of attention they demand. Can you blame them? You are the source of security, kindness and happiness they crave.

  • Here are 7 tips to help you achieve a proper balance between work and family life:

  • 1. Prioritize

  • We all need to prioritize in order to find time for the most important aspects of life. Write a list with the tasks for the day or week ahead. Start with the most important tasks, then put all negligible tasks at the bottom. I often do this before bed or even first thing in the morning. Spending time with the family should be a non-negotiable!

  • 2. Schedule time

  • We make time for things we love, but sometimes that can't be said for the activities our family loves to do. Maybe your toddler is asking you to play a game or to go to the park. It may not be your favorite thing on your list, but the reward for pleasing your children or spouse is truly great. Treat these appointments like formal engagements: be on time and be ready for the occasion, even if it's a kids' tea party.

  • 3. Say no

  • Nobody likes to say no, but sometimes it is the only answer available. We often try to make excuses or over-explain ourselves when we simply need to say no. If something is jeopardizing time with the family, learn to say it. It is clear and leaves no space for ambiguity.

  • 4. Remember what's most important

  • If you can look at life from a long-term perspective, your children and spouse quickly grow in importance. The common phrase spoken from the sick beds of many rich and famous people echoes, "I wish I spent more time with my family." It must hurt to say that. Remind yourself daily that one of the most precious gifts God has given is the family. Make the most of your time with family, so you won't have any regrets.

  • 5. Leave work at work

  • When you exit the doors of work, let work-related matters stay behind. It's pointless being at home if you are a work-zombie to your family. Forget the emails and spreadsheets. Be available and be present.

  • 6. Give time to yourself

  • It's important to allow time for yourself. When you take moments to reflect or pray, everyone will benefit. However, if you have a "free-time" hobby that eats chunks of your schedule, re-read point 1 and re-prioritize.

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  • 7. Make time to talk

  • If you want a deep, flourishing relationship with your children and spouse, it's imperative you make time to talk. Talk beyond "How was school or work?" or, "Can you fix this and do that?" or, "What's on TV?" True relationships are built on an ongoing process of communication. Learn about your family and their emotions, fears, hopes and dreams.

  • What's your experience with balancing work and family life? Comment below.

  • This article was originally published on Donald Roberts. It has been republished here with permission.

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