13 delightfully creative gift ideas using your own photos

You won’t find these treasures hiding in the aisles of your local Target.

13 delightfully creative gift ideas using your own photos

You won’t find these treasures hiding in the aisles of your local Target.
  • It's not impossible for a gift picked up at a local superstore to be heartfelt and thoughtful, but with these ideas you are guaranteed that reaction. Put the thousands of pictures on your photo stream to use and make something truly creative and unique for anyone on your Christmas list.

  • Lined with love

  • Send your Christmas cards this year with something extra special hidden inside….a darling photo of grandkids! You are going to want to make a batch for you and for nanna and pop. Gift a box of lined envelopes for grandpa and grandpa so they can send their own lovely letters lined with some gorgeous shots of this year's fall colors or the spring's first flowers. This blogger shows you how, right here.

  • 8 days a week

  • Family members who live far away will love seeing pictures that capture the month. This website makes it easy to add your own photo to the calendar so your aunt in Atlanta can see what everyone wore for Halloween this year.

  • Photos that pop

  • For the pop art loving guru in your family, turn a beloved pet or person into a Andy Warhol style canvas of any color. Trendy, unique, and colorful, all in one gift.

  • Aces

  • A deck of playing cards might not seem like much unless you add in your own

  • personalized photos on the back. Remember a fun family vacation or all your favorite memories from this year every time you have the boys over the play cards.

  • See the world

  • If you've got a world traveler in your family, this is a perfect idea. Snag a few photos off their social media page and an old world map. Cut out the photos to match the outline of the countries they've visited for a gift they'll love to hang on the wall.

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  • You've got mail

  • A simple box of colored stationary doesn't seem like much until you glue a photo of that gorgeous shot from Yellowstone. If you have an eye for photographing flowers, nature scenes, and sunsets, you've got the perfect answer for a beautifully simple gift of stationary- with a twist.

  • Wrap it up

  • Volunteer to do someone's gift wrapping (and give your gift along with it) with just some ribbon and photographs. This bloggershows you the show stopping results. Wouldn't those look pretty sitting under the tree?

  • Picture perfect

  • Any Instagram loving friend of yours will adore having a coffee table sized version of their selfies and cute cat pictures. Chatbooks make it easy to pull pictures off a photo stream of Instagram account to create a beautiful book of your favorite images.

  • Cut it out

  • This gift is so pretty you might want to make one to keep yourself.This blogger used the word "love" but feel free to be creative here. Add in a first name for a personalized bedroom decoration, or a last name for the newlywed's first Christmas together. Anything you pick is sure to surprise.

  • Guess Who

  • Kids and family history lovers in your family will be tickled to open this gift. Replace cartoon pictures with snapshots of friends and family for a version you can't buy at the store. Check out how to give the classic "Guess Who" game a personal twist here.

  • A picture says a thousand words

  • Avid writers always need another journal to jot in, so why not add in some personality to the basic black book you just picked up? Print off some of your favorite prints and add them into the front and back cover (or every few pages) for some visual inspiration.

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  • Baby's first letter book

  • Instagram can only hold so many cute pictures of your little toddler. Take your favorite baby pictures and turn them into a beautiful "first letter book" and favorite keepsake. This blogger shows you how.

  • Picture puzzles

  • The holidays are the perfect time to gather around a fire place,eggnog in hand, and spend a snowy afternoon playing cards and board games. Add in apersonalized puzzle to the mix for something a little more special.

  • Put your unused photos to work while crossing off your gift list, avoid a trip to an overcrowded retail store, and totally win at the whole gift giving part of the holidays.

Emily is putting her English and Humanities degree to use editing and writing all over the world. Trying to see all 7 world wonders (while visiting as many countries as she can in between), Emily loves wandering alleyways, beautifully photographed food, stumbling upon impromptu flea and food markets. She can usually be found camera in hand, munching on a street food and never has her headphones out of reach.

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