52 unforgettable activities you can do with your kids this weekend

This list of simple ideas will transform your weekends into memories.

52 unforgettable activities you can do with your kids this weekend

This list of simple ideas will transform your weekends into memories.
  • You've finally reached the weekend, and everyone is scattered around the house doing who knows what; and honestly, it's a challenge to put effort into thinking of anything more exciting to do than curling up with some Netflix. It's easy to let months of weekends pass this way, letting valuable family bonding time escape without a second glance. But having an exceptional weekend doesn't have to be a challenge.

  • Here's a list of unique activities that you can do with things you probably already have at home:

  • 1. Have a lip sync battle

  • 2. Spend the night in another decade with appropriate clothes, music and activities

  • 3. Make pizzas that look like each other's faces

  • 4. Have a cupcake war by seeing who can make the best cupcakes with a weird ingredient

  • 5. Make a chalk mural as long as your entire street

  • 6. Doorbell ditch cookies

  • 7. Go camping in the backyard

  • 8. Have a pie eating contest

  • 9. Dress up in shawls and wigs to play Bingo

  • 10. Paint portraits of each other

  • 11. Write letters to family members

  • 12. Pretend the power is out

  • 13. Look up scripts to movies or plays on the Internet and act them out

  • 14. Have a family Olympics with all the events (for example, create a figure skating routine minus the ice)

  • 15. Dress up in fancy clothes and have a cheese and chocolate tasting

  • 16. Celebrate your favorite holiday at the wrong time of year

  • 17. Pretend you are vacationing in a foreign country

  • 18. Build an obstacle course throughout the house

  • 19. Make up your own ice cream flavor and eat it

  • 20. Do a service scavenger hunt by breaking into teams and seeing how many people you can serve in an hour

  • 21. Have a family sleepover

  • 22. Visit a nursing home

  • 23. Check out library books, and read all of them

  • 24. Have a dance party

  • 25. Eat breakfast in bed

  • 26. Turn a movie on mute and act it out, finding props from what you have in the room

  • 27. Make up your own card game

  • 28. Build a fort

  • 29. Have a spa night with massages, facials and yoga

  • 30. Have a Nerf gun war

  • 31. Make a collage from pictures cut from magazines

  • 32. Build a sandcastle or a snow castle

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  • 33. Write thank you notes for cashiers, the mail carrier, etc. and hand them out

  • 34. Make a movie

  • 35. Skype a relative

  • 36. Have a tower building contest

  • 37. Look at family photos

  • 38. Be a tourist in your own town

  • 39. Go to a restraunt just to order dessert

  • 40. Have a family talent show

  • 41. Go on a scavenger hunt

  • 42. Let the kids be the parents for the night

  • 43. Go on a walk

  • 44. Try cooking a meal from another country

  • 45. Pick an actor, genre or series and have a movie marathon

  • 46. Go stargazing

  • 47. Listen to an audiobook together

  • 48. Start a garden

  • 49. Learn a new skill, like juggling or throat singing from youtube

  • 50. Sing songs and roast things around a campfire

  • 51. Find out today's National holidays and celebrate them

  • 52. Make a music video

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