7 darling little ways to “fall” in love all over again

'Tis the season for cozy sweaters, socks, scarves and a little romance.

7 darling little ways to “fall” in love all over again

'Tis the season for cozy sweaters, socks, scarves and a little romance.
  • It would only make sense that autumn would be the most perfect season to "fall" in love. Warm, sunny afternoons let you enjoy the fall colors outside, while chilly evenings are perfect for snuggling. If your date night is slightly lacking, use these seven ideas to "fall" back in love.

  • Fall of hearts

  • Snag a couple of empty picture frames and set up a self-timer on your phone or camera and dash outside for an autumnal photo shoot. Collect a few of your favorite fall foliage and cut out a heart shape or two to stash inside the frames. Pencil in the date and repeat each autumn (or each season, if you are feeling photogenic).

  • "Fall"ow a pattern

  • Cheesy wordplay aside, take an evening with your darling and get a little crafty. You can actually knit using just your fingers. Sit close for a couple hours during a movie, knitting a cozy scarf for the two of you to share.

  • #Fingerknitting the sickness away i got a bad #headcold closing in #sniffles

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  • The Fall

  • So maybe "The Fall" (the post-punk English band from the 1970s) isn't your favorite group to listen to; but it's conveniently named. If your fall evening gives you a little rain, turn the lights off and host a little candlelit concert. Spread out a blanket and some pillows, and run a full album of your favorite music, uninterrupted. Chatting is optional, but I doubt a kiss will be.

  • Waterfalls

  • An oldie, but a goodie. Don some flannel and a backpack full of snacks and a thermos of something warm and frothy and take a hike. Bright colors from changing leaves make quite the backdrop, and the extra rainfall in autumn can create a waterfall not seen in the drier seasons.

  • Waterfall at Amnicon Falls State Park in WI last weekend.

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  • Take a fall

  • For the more adventurous couple, take a shot at bungee jumping or skydiving. The fall colors could provide some good distraction from the plummet ahead. While it's not something you're likely to do consistently on a weekly date night, the adrenaline may be just what you've been needing.

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  • "Fall"afel

  • Dinner for two is never a bad idea. Go out for something a little bit new or try making it right at home. An un-fussy, no-gadget falafel might be the perfect option for dinner tonight.

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  • No-Gadget Falafel Recipe on Food52
    No-Gadget Falafel Recipe on Food52 / via Food52
  • France in the fall

  • While an actual trip to France might be a tad difficult to manage, borrowing autumnal traditions from foreign countries isn't. Do as the French, and gather chestnuts in the fall, have a huge bonfire in celebration of Guy Fawkes night for a British celebration, or make paper lanterns for Yi Peng, a fall holiday celebrated in Thailand and some parts of Laos.

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  • Make a little time in between carving pumpkins and hunting down the classic sweater and shirt combination to "fall" in love a bit more this autumn.

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