8 ways to stay close to your girlfriends after getting married

Marriage doesn’t have to pull you away from your besties. Here are 8 awesome ways to stay close to your girlfriends after “I do.”

8 ways to stay close to your girlfriends after getting married

Marriage doesn’t have to pull you away from your besties. Here are 8 awesome ways to stay close to your girlfriends after “I do.”
  • Getting married doesn't have to mean growing apart from your best gal pals. Even if you get a new best friend in your life partner, there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with the girls that helped you weed through all the frogs and find your prince.

  • 1. Girls' night in

  • Plan a fun dinner party or game night and stay cozy at home or at a friend's place. Have everyone bring a dish, or a game to play, serve tasty drinks and catch up on the latest gossip and goings on. Make it monthly to keep everyone tightknit, and let the ladies who can't make it have another chance soon enough. You can even set up a laptop or tablet with free video chat service to include out-of-town gals who want to join in on the fun.

  • 2. Double date night

  • For your girlfriends who are coupled up and settled down, plan a date night with one or a few other couples to give the men something to talk about as well. Try a new hip restaurant or a cocktail lounge for some light fare and conversation. Even some live music and dancing with get things flowing and feeling lively in no time.

  • 3. Weekend retreat

  • A girl's getaway to a spa resort or a weekend cruise will keep the laughs going and the bonds strong. Planning far ahead or taking advantage of flash sales can save you lots of money and add perks to your stay.

  • 4. A touch of class

  • You and your girlfriends can get a real kick out of taking a class together. Cooking, painting, art, dancing, yoga — there are so many to choose from. Many have free or reduced introductory classes for new students as well. So try them all.

  • 5. Meet and greet

  • Websites like and apps like Foursquare let you know what special interest social events are happening locally. You can meet new people and start a new hobby while reconnecting with old friends.

  • 6. Games with friends

  • Use the technology in your life to stay connected with your friends across the street, across the country or across the world. Multi-player and social games and apps let you keep up to date regularly without having to schedule up-close and personal time together.

  • 7. Love notes

  • Send your friends sentimental greeting cards in the mail. You'll surprise them with a heartfelt card that tells them how special they are to you. Those who live far away will feel your love. Those who live close by will be highly entertained.

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  • 8. High five!

  • is the perfect place to get your friend a charming, cool, quirky and affordable gift. Starting at just $5.50, you can have a personalized gift or message created for each friend to celebrate your special bond.

  • There are fun, easy and inventive ways to stay close and connected with your girlfriends after you become a Mrs. These relationships are vitally important for you to remain a lively, happy and balanced woman once you've walked down the aisle. Keep these bonds strong and you will have all the love and support you need through the rain and more fun than you can handle in the sunshine.

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