5 times you are wrongly ignoring your gut feeling

There’s a reason you’ve got a gut instinct, but it doesn’t do any good if you aren’t listening.

5 times you are wrongly ignoring your gut feeling

There’s a reason you’ve got a gut instinct, but it doesn’t do any good if you aren’t listening.
  • Sometimes it's hard to ignore; a sinking feeling in your stomach that you've done something wrong isn't easily brushed away. Other times, it's a slight twinge of hesitation that's easily overshadowed by excitement. Your gut feeling isn't something to be ignored. While deep down you know you don't really need that candy bar, brushing aside your gut instinct and making that purchase isn't going to hurt you in the long run. However, ignoring your gut in other life situations is going to cause heartache down the road. Listen to your gut in these five situations.

  • When it comes to love

  • Hearing your gut's advice could prove difficult when overshadowed by butterfly feelings of love. But deep down, you'll know when something isn't quite right. There's a difference between feeling nervous and jittery and feeling of sinking uncertainty about your relationship. Listening to your gut can help you sort out the differences and bring issues to your attention. Your friends and family who know you well can help you tune into "instinct radio". Having open and honest communication between yourself, your partner, and those close to you can help you untie uncertainties and figure out what your gut is trying to tell you.

  • When something's not right

  • When your safety could be jeopardized in any way, listen to your gut and don't make excuses. You may know it's only a short walk to your car from the subway system, but it's dark and late at night. This just goes against common sense. Don't downplay a twinge of hesitation when it comes to your safety, or the safety of others. If you don't feel 100 percent onboard with a playdate at a new friend's house for your little girl, listen to your gut. There's no penalty for being overly cautious, but putting yourself (or your children) in potential danger isn't as easily brushed away.

  • When dealing with finances

  • There's a rush when it comes to taking a risk financially, but don't ignore your gut feeling amidst all the excitement of spending or investing. It sounds old fashioned, but making a pros and cons list and honestly weighing your financial options allows the chance for your instincts to be heard.

  • When it's about your health

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  • You know your body best. Though you probably don't have the medical expertise your doctor has, your symptoms are only felt by you. If you feel unsettled about a casual diagnosis from a doctor, listen to your gut. Go in for a second opinion. Doctors usually aren't looking for an unusual combination of symptoms or side effects or a rare disease that someone of your age usually experiences though that could be exactly what's happening to you. Not that you need to become a hypochondriac, but tuning into your instincts could help you get the proper diagnosis and finally put your mind at ease.

  • When you should help someone

  • Your gut feeling doesn't get much time to prompt you to help someone when you are quickly scrolling Facebook or rushing around the city to get to your lunch meeting. That twinge of "Oh, I should do something" is easily overshadowed by everything else that is going on in your life. Slowing down allows you the chance to tune in and actually listen. Don't ignore your gut when it comes to helping someone out, whether that's by volunteering or through donations.

  • Listening to your gut can help eliminate regrets, something we all are looking for. Just by slowing down and asking yourself a few questions can help you tune into what your gut is trying to tell you.

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