How to make your husband feel dashingly handsome

Want to be more attractive to your husband? Try making him feel dashingly handsome. The results are surprising.

How to make your husband feel dashingly handsome

Want to be more attractive to your husband? Try making him feel dashingly handsome. The results are surprising.
  • Though he may not admit it, your husband wants your approval. Your opinion matters more to him than anyone else's. He wants to know if he makes you proud. He wants to know you are happy. He wants to know that you support him. And believe it or not, it is also very important for a man to know that his wife finds him attractive. It boosts his confidence and increases his overall happiness.

  • Here are some things you can say and do to help your husband feel like the dashingly handsome man he is:

  • What you should say

  • I love it when you do your hair like that.

  • How did I score such a handsome husband?

  • That outfit looks amazing on you.

  • Your eyes melt me.

  • That cologne you bought drives me crazy.

  • You are so hot.

  • I love how you look in a suit and tie.

  • Dang. You're looking sexy today!

  • I can never get enough of your smile.

  • I'm so glad I married you.

  • What you should do

  • Grab his hand whenever you get the opportunity.

  • Write a letter expressing how proud you are of him and how important he is to you.

  • Say hello and goodbye with a kiss and a hug.

  • Find any excuse to touch him throughout the day.

  • Let him catch you staring.

  • Initiate intimacy.

  • Praise your husband in public and in private.

  • Leave little notes for him to find, expressing how much you love him.

  • Kiss him as much as possible.

  • In contrast, here are some words and actions that can be very hurtful to your husband and make him feel anything but attractive:

  • What you should not say

  • I think you should lose some weight.

  • Have you taken a bath today? You smell.

  • I hope you are not planning on wearing that. It looks awful.

  • Why can't you be more like (insert name of other man)?

  • Don't touch me! You are sweaty and gross!

  • You are starting to look old.

  • Wow. That guy is so attractive.

  • I wish you had a better taste in clothes.

  • What you should not to do

  • Compare him to your past boyfriends or other people's husbands.

  • Always criticize his outfit choices.

  • Mockingly set aside money for the gym.

  • Pick apart his appearance.

  • Demand more than your husband can give.

  • Tell him all the things you wish he could change about himself.

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  • Joke about his weight, age and physical appearance.

  • Resist physical affection and intimacy.

  • Since many men struggle to express their feelings when they have been hurt, you might not even realize that some of the things you say and do are denting your husband's self-esteem. Always remember to treat your partner with love and respect. Do not speak sarcastically about potentially sensitive topics, such as weight, wrinkles or height. Instead, praise him often and strive to be the one who boosts his confidence. As you do this, you will not only help your husband feel more loved and secure, you will also become more attractive in his eyes and the bond between you will be strengthened.

  • This article is an translation and adaption of the original article, "Cómo hacer sentir atractivo a mi esposo." It has been republished here with permission.

Ruth graduated with a degree in Nutrition from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. She enjoys spending time with her husband. She loves to cook and often creates her own recipes.

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