Daily house cleaning tips

Daily house cleaning tips — clean like a hotel maid!

Daily house cleaning tips

Daily house cleaning tips — clean like a hotel maid!
  • Have you ever wondered how hotel maids are able to clean rooms so quickly? They seem to be able to get rooms, including bathrooms, spotlessly clean in no time at all. There are a few things we can learn from maids in getting our homes clean quickly.

  • Have it handy

  • Hotel maids use a cleaning cart that has everything they need right at hand. While most homes don't have a cleaning cart, it makes sense having all the materials you need within easy access. Running from room to room gathering supplies takes time and wears you out. Many professional housekeepers use a tool belt or apron for the same purpose — keeping everything at their fingertips.

  • Do it daily

  • Since maids clean hotel rooms every single day, there isn't a lot of dirt built up. When cleaning homes, you can gain the same benefit by doing a little cleaning every day. You can wipe down a bathroom taking only a few minutes, if it is done every day. Not only do you spend less time cleaning, but your bathrooms always look terrific and are safer for your family.

  • Use quality tools

  • Maids and housekeepers usually use professional cleaning supplies and equipment. This technique can save you time and money. Professional equipment, such as, quality window squeegees, dusters, and mops may seem to be expensive, but will last longer and do a better job. Most communities have a cleaning supply store where the general public can buy these products, and employees can help you understand how to use them. If you buy from a regular retailer, always look for quality.

  • Police the clutter

  • The biggest enemy of quick housecleaning is clutter. One reason hotel maids can clean so quickly is that, after the guests have checked out, there is no clutter. Think about how easy it would be to spray and wipe down a kitchen counter if there was absolutely nothing on it. Horizontal surfaces seem to attract items and the only way to keep it from building and spreading is to police those areas daily. In the kitchen, look at each thing on your countertop and consider whether it can be put into a cupboard or drawer. Bare counters are great looking and so easy to clean. If you don't use the thing daily, tucking it away might be the thing to do. Even typical countertop items like toasters can be stored in a deep drawer and pulled out when needed.

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