6 friends every mom needs

You’re in the middle of raising your children (and all that comes with it), which means you are going to need these six girlfriends around more than ever.

6 friends every mom needs

You’re in the middle of raising your children (and all that comes with it), which means you are going to need these six girlfriends around more than ever.
  • Juggling your own social calendar probably isn't your highest priority as a mom, but don't think constantly skipping out on time with friends is always beneficial. Through the highs and lows of raising a family, there are times where you just need your friends to laugh (and cry) with. Friendships change over time, and your hectic mom schedule doesn't have room to stay in touch with just anyone. Here are six types of friends it will do you good to keep around.

  • The cheerleader

  • Motherhood is no cake walk (although raising kids seems to have quite a bit of cake involved), so it's a good thing you've got this gal around. The cheerleader is the friend you'll run into at the store on your unshowered, unorganized, in-a-hurry days … but after a short conversation, you leave full of confidence. This friend is there to give you support, to cheer you on, to congratulate you on the little victories of life (newborn didn't throw up on your clothes this morning? Win!). Sometimes this type of friend is found in the most unlikely of places … your mother often fits the cheerleader role (after all, she has done this mom thing before).

  • The realist

  • After a phone call with this pal, your lofty goals of recreating that Pinterest-worthy birthday party just aren't going to happen, but it's all for the better. She's not negative, but does kindly remind you that 43 minutes in between work and swim lessons for your 5-year-old just isn't enough time to make two dozen Cookie Monster cupcakes. Your level-headed realist friend is more than willing to lend a hand — and let you know that the party can still be fantastic, even without designer cupcakes.

  • The optimist

  • Your kids might not cry over spilled milk … but you are a different story. After seven glasses spilled just this morning, you are in dire need of a conversation pick-me-up. Before things get too hectic, a quick jog around the park with your optimistic friend reminds you to look on the bright side — cleaning up milk is way better than mopping up any sort of bodily fluid.

  • The second mom

  • As a kid, you loved going over to your best friend's house. It felt like home to you, and their parents felt like a second set of parents. You loved your parents, but there was always something special about having that second mom take you all out for ice cream and a day at the park. Now, as a mom yourself, you are glad your kids are having this same experience. This friend comes in handy on days when you need an hour or two for errands (or a minute to yourself).

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  • The childhood pal

  • You really connect with your past when you spend time with your childhood friend. You both grew up together (or maybe it just seems like you did) and time together is always spent laughing. You swap stories, share memories and reconnect over the random hobbies you both happen to share. It doesn't matter whether you get together weekly, or once a year, because you just pick up where you last left off. This friend helps remind you of who you are, in case you get a little lost wrapped in the many duties of being a mom.

  • The cool (cooler?) mom

  • It can be hard to avoid being envious of this friend, but she's there to help you be your best self. Though this friend's life seems to be a snapshot from a magazine, that's the reason you both are friends — you work together to figure this whole mom thing out. You share workout plans, dinner ideas and swap stories on finding a little peace and quiet through the days. Though everything seems to be in perfect order, you are good enough friends to know that it only looks that way. You share your strengths (and your weaknesses) to see the other succeed … and to get the details on how exactly to pull together the "chic in sweatpants" look.

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