10 signs a man is in love

Want to know if that special someone feels butterflies every time you approach? Read on and see if you can spot 10 signals that show he loves you.

10 signs a man is in love

Want to know if that special someone feels butterflies every time you approach? Read on and see if you can spot 10 signals that show he loves you.
  • When love is in the air, it shows. Even though we might try to hide how we are feeling, our body gives clear signals that we are in love. I've listed 10 signs that show you a man is in love. If you can see five of these signs, you'll know that he has strong feelings for you ... but if you see all 10, then you can be sure that he loves you!

  • 1. He's always playing "Where's Waldo"

  • Whether you are walking in a sea of people, or you are the only person on the sidewalk, he's searching for you. You can see his eye scan the crowd of people, or try to see if that really is you walking his way. When you finally make eye contact, his mouth curls into a sweet smile that crinkles his eyes.

  • 2. With you, he's happily unhappy

  • Even after a tough day where everything seemed to go wrong, seeing you tugs a smile from his tired face. Though having you there doesn't fix troubles at work, he can't be as upset with you by his side. He doesn't put on a false face when he's upset, but he lets you know that you make him happy, even when he's frustrated.

  • 3. He's a really good sport

  • Being a good sport doesn't mean he has to be athletic; If your man loves you, he wants to share your interests. You don't have to have the same exact hobbies, but he's a good sport about going to yoga class with you. He shows a real interest in the things that you love, and seeks to spend time with you, even if that means an afternoon of "downward dog."

  • 4. You're his priority

  • It's cute how he gets flustered if you say you might be coming down with a cold, because he wants you to be healthy. Your well-being and happiness come first in his eyes. If he loves you, he'll be aware of what happens in your life, and won't hesitate to help you with whatever you need.

  • 5. To him, you have two good sides

  • Knowing that you aren't perfect only gives him a reason to love you more. He sees your strengths and thinks the world of you. Even when you are self-conscious about a "flaw," he sees it as a virtue. He'll want to highlight your positives and wants you to see yourself how he see you.

  • 6. He's focused - on you

  • No matter who's around, his attention is on you. He listens carefully to what you have to say, and looks into your eyes every time you talk.

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  • 7. He's a cheerleader

  • Maybe not literally, but he strives to cheer you on. If you're happy, he's happy. Seeing you smile gives him a reason to smile too. He'll be sure to support and encourage you to achieve your goals, just to see you happy.

  • 8. His eyes don't lie

  • He may not be saying "I love you," but his eyes don't lie. His eyes light up and even sparkle a little bit when he sees you, and you catch him glancing your way when he thinks you aren't looking.

  • 9. He's no Pinocchio

  • Even if telling the truth is painful, he respects you too much to lie. You both can have open and honest conversations about important topics because you trust each other.

  • 10. You're on his clock

  • Part of loving someone is spending time with him or her. Even if he has just a few minutes to spare, he'll give priority to you. He'll find ways to spend time with you and still get things done; going on study dates, grabbing a quick lunch with you on his break, or even running errands with you.

  • This article is a translation and adaptation of the original article, 10 señales de que un hombre está enamorado. It has been republished here with permission.

  • 10 signs a man is in love

    What kind of signs is your man sending?

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