7 tiny things you can do to feel confident in any situation

Forget feeling nervous; these simple tips will boost your confidence no matter how uncomfortable you feel.

7 tiny things you can do to feel confident in any situation

Forget feeling nervous; these simple tips will boost your confidence no matter how uncomfortable you feel.
  • 1. Be fashion-forward

  • There's an outfit in your closet that you love. No matter what your hair decided to do that day, this little number makes you feel gorgeous. If you are apprehensive about a presentation or nervous for a date, wear it. You may need to dress it up or dress it down to fit the dress code, but it'll be worth it. Uncomfortable and unfamiliar clothes will only reinforce your feelings of being out of your element.

  • 2. Smile sincerely

  • It may seem fake at first, but your mind will follow your face if it's spread with a smile that screams confidence. Think of something that made you laugh hard to help you give an honest and sincere smile.

  • 3. Watch your posture

  • Tempting as it might be to stealthily blend in with the wallpaper, walking with a strong stride with your head held high will mark you as a confident individual. Though it feels weird, maintain eye contact and smile. You'll appear confident rather than awkward.

  • 4. Tune out for a minute

  • While blasting your pump-up song for all to hear may not be appropriate for all situations, you can always play that song in your mind. Find strength in the lyrics, the beat or the memories tied with that tune and (mentally) strut your stuff.

  • 5. Keep it in perspective

  • Yes, this presentation is important, but how bad would a mistake truly be? You may get red in the face, have to correct yourself and move on, but that's it. A blunder will not cancel the weekend, will not implode the sun or ruin your entire life. Taking a second to really put things into perspective helps you realize that you've got this, even if you haven't felt like you do.

  • 6. Make a friend

  • Standing all by yourself is a great way to hurt your confidence … if you let it. If you feel awkward and vulnerable sitting by yourself, put your smiling skills to work and chit-chat with another friendly face. It's a painless way to appear in control.

  • 7. Avoid your phone

  • Looking at your phone instantly pegs you as uninterested and removed from the situation. It's no way to appear confident, no matter how good you feel about your "pretending to text" skills. Read your "Good luck!" texts before coming into the office, then turn your phone off and keep it out of site.

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  • If all else fails, just remember no one is as concerned with you as yourself. Everyone is so worried about how they look and if they sounded awkward, that nobody is nitpicking you. Don't be afraid to put on your favorite blouse, put in your mental headphones and don a smile to confidently rock any sitaution.

Emily is putting her English and Humanities degree to use editing and writing all over the world. Trying to see all 7 world wonders (while visiting as many countries as she can in between), Emily loves wandering alleyways, beautifully photographed food, stumbling upon impromptu flea and food markets. She can usually be found camera in hand, munching on a street food and never has her headphones out of reach.

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