How to tell if a girl really loves you back

Yes, you really do love her. And these three things tell you that she loves you back.

How to tell if a girl really loves you back

Yes, you really do love her. And these three things tell you that she loves you back.
  • Love is a wonderful thing, but dating...not so much. Wouldn't it be nice to not play the games that goe on in the dating world? Even walking up to a girl and saying "hi" is playing the game. You don't want to come off as too forward, but if you don't say hello you could come across as too timid or not interested. And deciding how long to call after the first date can be quite the struggle.

  • Now you've survived the dating game and found someone really special, someone you really like. In fact, you even love her. But the bigger question is: does she love you back? If she does, then you need to start making plans to keep the relationship moving ahead. If she doesn't love you, then you have some decisions to make. Either way, it's best to find out sooner than later so you can plan accordingly.

  • Here are three signs to help you know if she loves you back.

  • 1. She doesn't play games

  • If a girl really loves you back she'll show it by not playing those petty dating games. She won't act disinterested to try and make you chase after her harder. She won't act mean just to get a reaction from you. Instead of playing games to test your devotion, she'll be honest and open. If she loves you, she'll talk candidly about your relationship and what you can both do to make it better.

  • 2. She shows that you are a priority

  • If your girlfriend is pretty amazing (she must be if she's your girlfriend), then there are others who think she's pretty amazing too. But even though she has her pick of people to spend time with, she doesn't blow you off for them. If she really loves you, she will be there for you.

  • She'll show that you that you're a priority by spending time with you and doing things that you like to do. Of course relationships are a mixture of give and take, but you'll feel like she's giving her time and not just taking yours.

  • 3. She does nice things

  • Relationships should be rewarding. They should make you feel good inside just knowing that someone cares about you and wants to help you be happy. So if a girl really loves you back, she'll do nice things that make your day go a little better. She'll send you cute text messages, come over to your place to talk, and run over a pizza after your big work presentation to help you unwind. If she really loves you she'll show interest in your wellbeing.

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  • Love is a splendid thing - but only when it goes both ways. You don't want to fall madly for someone who doesn't feel the same way you do. These three signs can help you know if your girl loves you back.

  • How can you tell if she loves you back?

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